In this post, I will be sharing Amy Porterfield net worth and also reviewing Amy Porterfield’s courses.

While a lot of success stories have always been from grass to grace, hunger to success; Amy Porterfield once had a beautiful career before choosing the entrepreneurship lifestyle.

And it wasn’t an easy journey despite having worked in the corporate world before. 

Having worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, and other successful entrepreneurs, she wasn’t just satisfied.

And just like other entrepreneurs, she wanted more. And that was her entry into the entrepreneurial world. 

The then-notetaker now became the founder of the 7-figure online course business.

As said earlier on, I’ll be sharing Amy Porterfield’s net worth, how she made her money, and also review her courses.

So let’s get started.

Who Is Amy Porterfield?

Amy Porterfield is an online marketer that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to use marketing strategies to build an email list, launch and sell an online course, and grow a successful business off digital marketing.

Amy Porterfield Review - Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Expert

She’s the founder of a 7-figure online course business where she teaches other entrepreneurs and business owners marketing tactics.

Her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, is a top-ranked podcast in the industry. And no doubt, she’s an inspiration to others out there.

But like she said on her page;

Before there was a top-ranked business podcast. Before the best-selling online courses. Before the multiple 7-figure revenues and 250,000+ loyal subscribers…there was a corporate “yes” girl.

Eager to please, desperate for approval, and scared to death of making it out on her own.

Amy Porterfield

But aren’t you curious about how she moved from being a “Yes Girl” to running a 7-figure online course business?

I am.

Absolutely, it wasn’t a sudden success. So let’s start from the beginning.

Early Life

Amy was raised from a blue-collar family. Her dad was a firefighter and her mom worked as a hairstylist in Orange County, California.

Her parents were simple and not the white-collar type. They had a traditional wedding. 

Her mother would always cook dinner while her dad would always work two jobs in order to earn enough to raise the family.

That was what her childhood was characterized by. Both parents were hustlers. Whenever her dad was leaving for work, he would always tell Amy and her sister to find a way to be their own boss when they grow up.

In an interview on Forbes, Amy said:

As a child, I had no idea what he was talking about. All I knew was that he was the household boss. Over the years, I settled into the comfortable idea of having a boss— despite what my dad said. It just felt natural.

Working For Tony Robbins

Amy went on to work for a world-famous motivational speaker. Just like you figured, Tony Robbins.

Amy Porterfield went on working with Tony Robbins for seven years. She worked as his content director.

While the seven years of working with Tony Robbins was great, she hated the fact that she’s building someone’s dream.

Well, she didn’t just quit suddenly. An event inspired her to take the plunge.

Taking The Leap Into Entrepreneurship

In 2009, when Tony Robbins held a meeting with his content team, bringing in some of the best online marketing minds and course creators, Amy was at one side taking notes.

Surprised? That was her duty, to take notes for the world-famous motivational speaker.

But while taking notes, the topic they were discussing caught her attention. And she loved the freedom aspect.

To be candid, that was when she started conceiving the idea of diving into entrepreneurship.

And that very year (2009), Amy Porterfield quit her job in order to become an entrepreneur. She wanted to test the waters too and also spend her time building her very own business.

Not a surprise, the first two years were a failure. She literally tried different businesses from consulting one-on-one to launching a course.

During her early days as an entrepreneur, she fought “shiny object” syndrome. Always moving from one thing to another.

She tried consulting one-on-one. And she figured out that she was burning out faster than when she was an employee.

Building a Multi-Million Dollar Online Business Empire

When she started to get traction little by little, she then discovered she was building the wrong business.

She was literally spending more time with her consulting clients one-on-one, and she never had time to live the kind of life she wanted.

She literally doesn’t want a business that’s not scalable.

And on the other hand, her friends and families were also bothered. She would always take out time to confuse them that success was lurking around.

I’m sure you can easily relate to this. As an entrepreneur being advised by friends and families to get a regular job.

But going back to your vomit is something that takes a lot of humility and emotional strength to cope with.

It’s easier to quit your 9-5 to become an entrepreneur than it is to go back to your 9-5 job as a failure.

And that was the same thing for her.

She has to make it work because going back is no option.

She needed to find a way to free some time and not become an employee to herself one more time.

In order to achieve this, she started by learning how to grow a large email list and also create actionable courses for her audience.

By creating courses, she doesn’t have to go the 1-on-1 training route but can easily teach her audience and also help them without suffering her own dream and life.

And it worked, but not at first.

Her first course was on launching a book using social media, she spent thousands of dollars on the course, but made just $247 from the course.

Just like you figured, she was depressed and lost the will to continue.

But her husband was there to motivate her back to give it another shock.

Then this time, she took it slowly and listened to her audience.

From there, she started launching courses and they sold in 6-figures.

While it took her two years to reach her $1 million years; now she records annual revenue of over $5 million from her courses.

Needless to say, she never looked back.

What Is Amy Porterfield’s Net Worth?

Being the founder of a multi-million dollar company, Amy Porterfield has a net worth of $13 million.

NameAmy Porterfield
HusbandHobie Porterfield
SonCade Porterfield
BirthdayDecember 12
Age 45
Net Worth$13 Million

How Does Amy Porterfield Make Money Online?

Having a net worth of $13 million, you must be wondering where all that money comes from.

From her business, she makes 7-figures yearly (around $5 million per year).

Amy Porterfield makes the majority of her wealth from her online courses.

And not just one, she has over three online courses and that’s the main source of her wealth.

Her most profitable course is the Digital Course Academy among other courses.

Her Digital Course Academy brings in the largest revenue.

However, she also makes some percentage of her wealth from affiliate marketing.

She often promotes products like ConvertKit, Kajabi, Leadpages, Bluehost, and many others.

How Amy Porterfield Is Different Than Other Online Marketing Experts

No doubt, Amy Porterfield is different from other online marketing experts in different ways.

While the majority of them put more focus on SEO, Amy comes from another angle doing more with Facebook and Instagram ads.

And needless to say, focusing on podcasting is also another thing that sets her apart.

While we know how difficult it is to grow a podcast, Amy has successfully grown her podcast to one of the top-ranked podcasts.

Well all that is, by the way, the main thing that calls her brand out is the action.

Looking at her brand, Amy’s focus is sharing actionable tips to grow your business with email lists.

And to be candid, her marketing advice is actionable, no fluff.

Providing courses on growing an email list, Amy Porterfield is a silent guru that knows a lot about marketing.

Let’s talk about her podcast.

Amy Porterfield Podcast: Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, is her marketing weapon and has been regarded as one of the top-ranked podcasts.

Amy has done over 300 episodes of her podcast. 

On the podcast, Amy does expert interviews, execution plans, and.also shares her personal life.

Examples of business experts that have been featured on her podcast include; Neil Patel, Michael Hyatt, James Clear, Jay Papasan, and many others.

While some of the podcasts that got a lot of love and downloads from her audience are: “10 Things I’m Embarrassed To Tell You” and the interviews she did with her husband, Hobie.

The interviews she did with her husband performed excellently more than the average podcast episode on her blog.

Whenever she brought Hobie to the stage, her audience was always motivated to see this part of Amy.

Behind the Scenes with My Better Half” is one of the episodes where she interviewed her husband.

And if there’s anything that makes her valuable, is the immense value she provides through her podcast.

Showing both her personal life and business life on the podcast has made the podcast more human than just another selling mechanism.

Amy Porterfield Courses

As said earlier on, Amy Porterfield makes the most of her money from her courses.

And to be candid, her courses make up nearly 90% of her revenue and the rest is split up among the other means of monetization.

Amy has three main courses which are; Digital Course Academy, List Builders Society, and  B-School Experience.

Let’s have a look at her courses below.

Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy (DSA) is Amy’s best and most successful course. Amy teaches entrepreneurs and individuals how to turn their skills and knowledge into an online course.

To Amy Porterfield, she believes everybody has a course in them and that’s the major reason why she loved teaching people how to create and launch a successful course

Who Is This Course For?

While it’s easier to say this course is for entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s practical for everyone.

According to Amy Porterfield, everyone has a skill they are good at, at least better than average. That skill is another course idea that they can turn into paid courses.

Straight to the point, Digital Course Academy is for everyone willing to turn their skill into wealth by teaching others online.

No doubt, the online course industry is booming and self-education.

So, you definitely have something to gain from the course.

What’s Included In Digital Course Academy

To begin with, the Digital Course Academy is a 10-week course, with eight weeks of intensive learning and two weeks of application.

Having 8 modules, Digital Course Academy helps take your course from the idea stage to a successful launch. 

Here’s what the course content looks like:

  • Planning your Digital Course Launch
  • Validating your course idea
  • The Art of Outlining your Course
  • Recording your course content
  • Creating your profitable webinar presentation
  • The Webinar Fill-up Framework
  • How to Increase Webinar Sales
  • Live Webinar Success Secrets

In addition to the training on launching a successful online course, you also get to learn the act of list building while building a successful course.

Although the courses are not live courses, they are pre-recorded, Amy is always live on her DCA Facebook group answering questions each week.

At the end of the 10-week DCA course, what next?

After the course, all her students are then added to Amy’s students’ group where they can make inquiries, ask questions, and clear their doubts.

Amy Porterfield Review - Digital Course Academy

How Much Is the Digital Course Academy?

Digital Course Academy costs a whopping $1997. However, at the time of writing this post, the course is not open for enrollment.

I agree that the course is expensive. However, Amy Porterfield has a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the course.

Amy Porterfield offers a 14-days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course.

However, you have to provide proof that you implemented all that the course told you to do. 

For now, the course isn’t in session. And the next launch date is September 2020.

List Builders Society

List Builders Society is a course focused on growing your email list and getting new subscribers. 

Although the course is not a live course too, the self-paced program makes it a flexible course to 


You get to watch the lessons at your own leisure time and also separate time for the implementation of the tips and lessons.

Who Is This Course For?

List Builders Society is a course for entrepreneurs and small business owners that are willing to increase their email subscribers and their revenue too likewise.

While the majority of her students are online course creators, the course is applicable to everyone willing to grow their email list.

Therefore, startups, physical business owners, are not left out of this course.

What’s Included In List Builders Society

To start with, joining the List Builders Society gives you lifetime access to the course, which is the best offer you can get.

There’s no need for rushing the course, you can take the course at your own pace and also create time to implement the lessons learned from the course.

In the course, Amy Porterfield promises a crystal clear, can’t fail framework to build profitable list growth.

Amy will work you through her three-step list building framework which is; define, create, and attract.

In order to get the best of this course, Amy Porterfield created a list of essential tools that will be useful in building your list which include ConvertKit, Kajabi, Canva, WordPress, and many others.

How Much Is the List Builders Society?

Amy Porterfield Review - Enroll In List Builders Society Today

There are two payment options to get into the List Builders Society. 

The first one is the one-time full payment which costs $397. While the second payment option is a 3-month installment payment of $153 per month.

Although this is still affordable, it isn’t without a refund policy.

Amy Porterfield offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on this program. And for you to qualify for a refund, you need to show proof that you did the work in the course but did not work for you.

Amy Porterfield’s B-School Experience

B-School Experience is one of the courses that Amy offers to her audience. Different from her other courses, she does this alongside Marie Forleo (she’s Marie’s #1 affiliate partner).

The course is all about starting and growing your business by leveraging your email list, content creation, engagement, and other online marketing strategies.

While she already has a course purely on list building, this course focuses on the overall performance of your business.

So it teaches the system of growing your business by integrating different digital marketing strategies.

The course isn’t just for digital products or business, the principles and frameworks being taught in the program also apply to physical businesses too.

Amy Porterfield Review - Bschool

What’s Included in B-School Experience?

Being an 8-week interactive video program, week 4 and 8 are free weeks for students to apply what they have learned.

Having 6 modules, each module is scheduled for a week aside from weeks 4 and 8.

Below is a breakdown of the course content:

  • Module 1: Profit Plan – Set a solid foundation for your long term success
  • Module 2: Website – Create websites that sells
  • Module 3: Communication – design a strategic plan to consistently connect with your market
  • Module 4: List Building – How to strategically and intelligently grow your audience
  • Module 5: Offerings – Create outstanding products and services that practically sell themselves
  • Module 6: Marketing – Leverage timeless, proven principles to skyrocket your sales

Alongside the interactive Q/A live section with Amy, you would also be added to Amy’s private B-School experience Facebook group where you get to interact with others.

You also get a bonus material; Systems That Scale: How to Organize & Systematize Your Online Business; where she shared her proven system on how to organize your business for better productivity.

How Much Is B-School with Amy’s Bonuses?

B-School experience isn’t any much difference in pricing from Amy’s other courses. 

It costs $1999 one time payment or 12 months payment of $199

Amy Porterfield Starter Kit For Course Creation

Amy Porterfield Review - Course Creation Starter Kit

You would agree that Amy’s courses are expensive. But considering the value she’s providing, it’s a bit fair.

Definitely, not everyone can afford that. But Amy has got you covered with some free materials to get you started.

Amy Porterfield has two eBooks to help you kickstart your course. The first is; Your Email List Starter Guide. And the second is; The Ultimate Course Creation Starter Kit.

The first material will help you grow a decent email list, while the second will help you launch your course and also market the course.

There’s a difference in the value provided by the free material and the paid courses, but the starter guides are detailed enough to help you grow a decent email list and students for your course.

Absolutely, this is a lead magnet to get you into her paid courses for more valuable resources.

Famous Amy Porterfield Quotes

Here are some of Amy Porterfield’s famous quotes:

Get honest with yourself.  Right now.  Right, this minute.  And speak out loud what’s holding you back.

Amy Porterfield

The Energy of Your Business is Directly Tied to Your Email List.

Amy Porterfield

I like simple.  It feels right to me.

Amy Porterfield

I know that everyone thinks free traffic is the sexiest thing ever, but you know what is even sexier than free?  Results!

Amy Porterfield

If you hate it, stop doing it.  If it makes you miserable, find a new way to get to the result you’re after.

Amy Porterfield

The art isn’t always in getting it exactly right the first time out, but in being humble enough to regroup when you know in your gut that something is off and you can make it right.

Amy Porterfield

Good things come to those who work their asses off.

Amy Porterfield

I do my best work when I feel good in my surroundings.  For me, my office has to be a space I enjoy creating in — it’s a must!

Amy Porterfield

A mentor of mine recently told me that we are worthy because we exist.  That’s all.  Because we exist.  That’s a hard lesson for me to learn and maybe you too, but I believe it to be true.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield Review FAQs 

While Amy Porterfield does talk about her personal life and family, there is still some information about her that is hidden.

However, I’ll do my best to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about her.

Hobie Porterfield is Amy Porterfield’s husband. He’s a firefighter.

Amy Porterfield is 45 years old as at the time of writing this post.

Amy’s birthday is December 12

You can check out Amy Porterfield on Instagram  @AmyPorterfield

You can find her Facebook page here

You can find her at

Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert course is now part of her new course, Digital Course Academy (DCA).

Amy Porterfield’s content calendar is a three-month content calendar Amy created for her audience.

You can find the content calendar in her podcast episode 250. Also, here’s a download link to a content calendar

Amy Porterfield Net Worth - Amy Porterfield Content Calendar

As at the time of writing this post, Amy Porterfield does not have any free webinars available. 

However, she has a lot of free materials to help you get started with building a list and launching a successful online course.

And she also has some free masterclasses. One of her popular free masterclasses is on list building; 3 Simple and Powerful Way to Kickstart your Email List.

Amy Porterfield’s book; Facebook Marketing All-in-One (Dummies), is on Amazon, although it’s quite outdated by now.

Talking of mastermind, Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy is a mastermind to successful course launch.

She also has other courses that are structured as an actionable plan to success.

Yes. Amy Porterfield has a resources list that covers all she uses to host her podcast.

Here’s the link to Amy Porterfield’s equipment

Amy Porterfield made her wealth from online courses.

You can find out more about Amy Porterfield by checking out the reviews left by her audience on Apple Podcasts

And you can also do some google searches to find out about other reviews written by a third party site.

What Is Amy Porterfield’s Keys To Success?

Amy’s story has got a lot to teach. But the most crucial step that made her a successful entrepreneur was having a mentor.

While a lot of entrepreneurs are too quick to push away the need for a mentor or even replace it with a business strategy they trust in, Amy Porterfield stuck to a mentor.

Amy Porterfield points her success to the mentorship she got from Marie Forleo

During one of her days, while working with Tony Robbins, she discovered Marie Forleo. 

And luckily for her, when she was about quitting her job, Marie Forleo too was hosting a mastermind group for entrepreneurial women.

It was a paid program and was also expensive. But that was what made a great change in her entrepreneurial journey.

Also having a mentor and a supportive husband was also another weapon for her. 

However, hard work cannot be missing when talking about Amy Porterfield. But having a mentor was a big plus to her. 

Random Facts About Amy Porterfield

There are some interesting and odd things that might interest or surprise you. Here are some of them:

  • Amy Porterfield made the decision not to give birth while building her business. But she has a stepson, Cade.
  • Amy Porterfield’s Father was a Firefighter, Her husband (Hobie) is also a firefighter.
  • Amy’s husband does more house chores than she does
  • Amy earns more money than her husband
  • While Amy is good at crafting emails, she does not write her email copies herself (she hired a copywriter to do that). 

Amy Porterfield Review & Net Worth Summary

It’s been a long walk and review of Amy Porterfield net worth and courses.

I would love to hear from you.

What do you think contributed to Amy’s success?

Have you bought any of her courses before? 

Leave a comment below to let me know.

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