Hosting live and automated webinars are one of the best ways to grow your business and make money online. But do you know what the best webinar software platforms are for hosting them successfully?

Choosing the right webinar tool is especially difficult nowadays, with so many options currently on the market. Plus, software has gotten increasingly better in the last few years, and the capabilities these apps offer are endless.

So which is the absolute best? Glad you asked.

Over the years, I have come across and tested hundreds of webinar platforms. Some, I liked. Others, I couldn’t get around some technical glitch or the app simply didn’t fit my needs.

The following curated list includes my absolute best picks for 2023. If you’d like more info on how these webinar platforms work, how to best put them to use and some nifty little tips and tricks, stay tuned until the end of the article! 

Alright, let’s dive right into the best webinar software and platforms out there.

What Is The Best Webinar Software?

As you might imagine, the answer to this question is “it depends”.

And that is essentially due to the fact that your choice will ultimately be dictated by what you need the app to do and how it aligns with your business goals overall. 

That being said, you should choose a platform that at least nails the fundamentals of good webinar software. 

Things like video and audio quality, marketing functionalities and the ability to follow-up with those who attend the presentations are absolute necessities these days when it comes to webinars. 

Thankfully though, most of the apps you’ll find in this list can do so much more than the bare minimum, so you’re bound to find something that fits your needs or can do so with a little tweaking. 

Webinar Software Reviews (Ultimate Comparison Guide)

Here are my picks for the best webinar software and platforms for 2023. After the list, you’ll find an in-depth review of each tool. Enjoy!

1. WebinarJam

Best webinar software for sales webinars

Best Webinar Software - Webinarjam

Let’s cut to the chase here. WebinarJam is my absolute top pick when it comes to webinar software. 

I’ve used it extensively over the years, and never has it crash on me, nor did it lack a feature or capability that I needed.

In fact, the stuff it can do is endless, plus it’s so easy to use, I’d still recommend it if you’ve never run a webinar in your life. 

Of course, if you’re a more seasoned marketer, WebinarJam has you covered, too. It’s perfect for seamlessly ‘making the pitch’ at the end of the meeting, and the interface/user-experience never leaves attendees disappointed. 

You can read my full WebinarJam review here.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features WebinarJam offers, followed by some pros and cons.

Key Features 

  • Has built-in email-marketing integrations (and deep integrations with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc.)
  • Records the webinar automatically, without you having to manually turn the feature on
  • Works on virtually any browser
  • Has a built-in page-builder that allows you to fully customize your registration pages.
  • Offers polls and questionnaires/surveys you can run by your attendees
  • Great marketing capabilities if you plan on “selling” during and after the webinar.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all your social media accounts.
  • Drawing board lets you draw notes directly on top of your slides or diagrams to explain a concept.
  • Handles up to 5000 people per webinar
  • Can accommodate up to 6 co-presenters
  • Webinar can be ‘pushed’ to FB live or YouTube
  • Host can temporarily turn attendees into presenters.
  • “Panic Button” (Pro and Enterprise plans only): lets you “escape” a bad webinar with the touch of a button. The system will then boot up a brand new live room and automatically transfer everyone into it.


  • Extremely easy to use. You can get started in minutes
  • Excellent chatting platform during presentation (great for audience engagement)
  • Great video-streaming quality
  • Customer support is top-notch.


  • Notifications from WebinarJam might sometimes end up in spam folder
  • Sound can be sometimes be delayed


Pricing for WebinarJam is divided up into 3 plans:

Best Webinar Software - Webinarjam Pricing

Basic: $499 per year (up to 500 attendees per webinar, up to 2 presenters, 2 hours max duration)

Professional: $699 per year (up to 2,000 participants and 4 presenters).

Premium: $999 per year (up to 5,000 attendees and up to 6 presenters). 

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

WebinarJam is excellent for those who want to market and sell to their audience. 

Its built-in marketing features such as countdown-timers, pop-ups that display during the webinar and many more make it a no-brainer for marketers who are serious about using webinars as a way to promote their products.

I’ve even seen some people using WebinarJam for doing interviews for virtual summits.

Best For Sales Webinars
14-Day $1 Trial

WebinarJam offers webinar software with flexible options. Get live chat, private comments, moderation capabilities, and more!

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2. EverWebinar

Best webinar platform for automated webinars

Best Webinar Platform - Everwebinar

EverWebinar is a webinar platform that is owned by the same company that runs WebinarJam, so – as you can imagine – it comes second on my list as one of the best softwares out there. 

As the name suggests, EverWebinar lets you create evergreen webinar presentations that are pre-recorded but look and “feel” live to the end user. 

Its “simulated” events look just like LIVE WebinarJam webinars, but are, in fact, pre-recorded. The company claims that “It is impossible for anyone, even the creators of EverWebinar to tell if it is a live webinar”. And they are absolutely right.

The software can be used in conjunction with WebinarJam as an add-on, or as a standalone if you plan on creating evergreen webinars right from the get-go. 

As you’d expect from an app that is run and managed by WebinarJam, EverWebinar is packed-full of features, and just like its ‘parent’ is an absolute must-have if you’re planning on creating an automated funnel that sells your products on autopilot. 

You can check out my full EverWebinar review here.

Let’s take a deeper look at EverWebinar’s features:

Key Features

  • Flexible scheduling (your audience can decide when the webinar will be broadcast, so the presentation is “just in time”).
  • Integrates with WebinarJam, so your live webinar can be turned evergreen with a click of a button
  • Offers pre-made landing pages and registration pages.
  • High-def 30FPS video and audio
  • Can display clickable offers during the webinar with built-in scarcity elements
  • Live chat ‘simulation’
  • Hundreds of integrations, including email marketing software and CRMs (like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and more)
  • Built-in email and sms system to keep audiences engaged
  • Offers polls and questionnaires/surveys you can run by your attendees
  • “Hybrid Webinars”: presentation is recorded, but you can chat with attendees in real time.


  • Seamless integration with WebinarJam. Lets you turn a live presentation into an evergreen broadcast in minutes
  • Great in-depth analytics
  • Automatic time-zone detection lets your audience choose the best time for them to watch the event
  • Set it up once, watch the sales come in on autopilot


  • Works great with WebinarJam, but purchasing the two can become a little expensive if you’re just starting out (I’d recommend starting with WebinarJam, and then getting EverWebinar when it’s time to do automated webinars)
  • Streaming on mobile might generate a few glitches
  • Some might not like the fact that the webinar is portrayed as live when, in fact, it’s not (I recommend just being upfront so people know it’s an evergreen webinar).


Just like WebinarJam, EverWebinar offers 3 pricing tiers based on payment frequency:

Best Webinar Platform - Everwebinar Pricing

Installment Plan: 3 x $199 per year 

Annual Plan: $499 per year

Biennial Plan: $799/2 years 

Who is this webinar platform best suited for?

If you’re looking for automation in your business and webinar are a big part of your funnels, then definitely consider EverWebinar

It has all the features you need to create a truly hands-off system that works with little-to-no maintenance needed on your part. 

Even though the price might seem a little steep, especially when combined with WebinarJam, the platform is well worth it!

Best For Automated Webinars
14-Day $1 Trial

EverWebinar is a webinar software that allows you to create pre-recorded automated webinars that have the look and feel of a live webinar.

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3. EasyWebinar

Best Webinar Platforms - Easywebinar

EverWebinar are, but combined in one individual platform. 

It offers both live and evergreen webinar capabilities, plus a load of other features (see below), which make it a serious contender for the top spot on our list. 

Just like the top two platforms on our list, EasyWebinar is heavily geared towards sales and marketing, and its many integrations can make implementing the software in your existing setup a real breeze.

Pricing is fair, too. If I weren’t so happy with WebinarJam and EverWebinar, EasyWebinar would probably be my tool of choice (I even have an account for a long time and use it from time to time for some stuff). 

But let’s look at some of the things EasyWebinar can do: 

Key Features

  • Offers live and pre-recorded webinar capabilities
  • Can have up to 4 presenters, each using both audio and video (screenshare included)
  • Full HD screen sharing
  • Host can make any attendee a presenter 
  • “EasyCast” lets you instantly stream your webinar live to FB, YouTube Live and many other social media platforms.
  • “Right-on-time” registration for automated webinars (which are scheduled in 15-minute increments)
  • Loads of integrations


  • Excellent all-in-one solution
  • Video Streaming quality is excellent and very rarely has latency.
  • Audio is crisp with TrueVoice technology 
  • Great real-time chat
  • Awesome in-depth analytics and reporting.
  • Offers a mobile app for on the go webinars


  • Can get expensive over time if you require more “space” in the webinar rooms
  • Some registration-page templates look outdated
  • User interface can get cumbersome


EasyWebinar offers 3 pricing plans. Each has a monthly or annual payment option. 

If you choose the annual payment, you’ll also get 3 months off. 

Best Webinar Software - Easywebinar

Standard Plan: $78/month or $708/year (up to 100 live attendees)

Pro Plan: $129/month or $1080/year (up to 500 live attendees)

Enterprise Plan: $499/month or $4188/year (up to 2000 live attendees).

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

This ‘all-in-one’ solution is perfect for you if you can’t afford or don’t want to go through the hassle of having two separate apps such as Webinarjam and EverWebinar.

This is another platform that was mainly conceived with marketing and sales in mind, so if that’s what you need and don’t mind the not-so-cheap price point, then EasyWebinar is for you!

Popular Webinar Software
Free 14-Day Trial

EasyWebinar is an easy-to-use webinar software focused on helping you sell more using the power of webinars. You can host both live and automated webinars.

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4. Demio

Best Webinar Software - Demio

Demio is the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to webinar platforms. You can immediately see from the demos on their website that user-experience and interface have been a real focus when creating this software.

However, crisp design is definitely not the only feature that makes Demio stand out from the crowd. Its marketing capabilities are strong, and it offers all you would expect from an all-in-one solution. 

Its cloud-based recording feature is killer for ensuring top-notch video and audio quality, but also as a means of freeing space on your device and having all your webinars available to you even on the go.

Lastly, it claims to be incredibly easy to use, making the whole webinar-creation experience as straightforward as possible, especially for the non tech-savvy, something that has recently won it an ever increasing number of customers.

Here are some of the main features you’ll get with Demio:

Key Features

  • Offers live, automated, on-demand or hybrid webinars
  • Distraction-free and easy-to-use interface
  • HD video streaming guaranteed by cloud hosting
  • Customizable registration pages 
  • Email notifications to registrants
  • Polls and quizzes with stats you can view to assess audience engagement
  • Advanced analytics
  • Countless integrations


  • Pro-level design and easy to use interface
  • Browser-based, so no need to download additional software
  • Offers great automation features
  • Polls and CTAs are well designed and compelling
  • Audio and Video quality are usually great


  • Can get expensive if you need more than 50 registrants
  • Replay page lacks marketing features
  • Still ‘new’, so glitches might come up here and there


Demio has monthly and annual plans. 

It’s not cheap, considering the low number of attendees you are allowed in each plan. 

However, you can try it out for free for 14 days and get all Growth plan features and a 25-attendee room size.

Best Webinar Platforms - Demio Pricing

Starter Plan: $49/month or $34/month (paid annually) for a 50-attendee room.

Growth Plan: $99/month or $69/month (paid annually) for 150 attendees.

Business Plan: $234/month or $163/month (paid annually) for 500 attendees.

Who is this webinar tool best suited for?

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use out of the box and you need some “hand-holding” while setting everything up, then Demio might be the solution you’re looking for. 

It might not be as robust and as feature-heavy as some other contenders in this list, but it does its job well and can be a really good choice if what you need is fairly advanced automation. 

Powerful Webinar Platform
Free 14-Day Trial

Demio is a hassle-free webinar software for marketers. It provides a simple, no download webinar experience for your audience, as well as all the marketing tools you need to generate better results. You can host both live and automated webinars.

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5. WebinarNinja

Best Webinar Platforms - Webinarninja

WebinarNinja is another all-in-one solution that’s become really popular in recent years, especially since it’s used and trusted by big-name brands. 

Its main claim to fame is that the platform allows you to create a webinar in just 10 seconds, it’s intuitive UI and step-by-step process being a major feature that makes it stand out among competitors.

As noted above, this is a comprehensive tool, which allows you to create live, automated and hybrid webinars. Unlike many other software, however, WebinarNinja also supports “serial” webinars.

Following are some of the key features:

Key Features

  • Can create Live, Automated, Hybrid and Serial webinars
  • Host can display live polls for audience to answer
  • Proprietary hosting for automated webinars
  • Email notifications and automation (drip campaigns included)
  • Media Library allows you to store images, logos, etc. to use when creating registration and thank you pages.
  • Advanced statistics
  • Countless built-in integrations + over 1000 more available via Zapier
  • Paid-webinar creation 


  • UI is modern, clean and very intuitive
  • Chat feature is super fast and reliable
  • Templated pages are well designed and have a proven track record of converting well
  • Virtually no delay in audio and video thanks to Web RTC technology


  • Delay is absent, but some users have reported poor video quality
  • “Polls” and “Offers” features can use some improvement
  • Webinar run time is limited to 2 hours.


WebinarNinja offers a 14-day free trial. 

After that, it’s priced in 4 plans, each with their limitations, mainly when it comes to the number of live attendees you can host (all plans come with unlimited recorded webinar attendees). 

You can choose to pay monthly or annually (at a discount).

Best Webinar Software - Webinarninja Pricing

Starter Plan: $49/month or $39/month (billed annually): up to 100 live attendees.

Pro Plan: $95/month or $79/month (billed annually). This plan will allow up to 300 attendees and also allows you to create webinar series and summits. It also includes Facebook Ads tracking.

Plus Plan: $159/month or $129/month (billed annually). With this tier, you can get up to 500 participants and can also create hybrid webinars.

Power Plan: $249/month or $199/month (billed annually): up to 1000 live attendees. 

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

WebinarNinja is another great all-in-one solution for those who care about great user experience, crisp design and easy of use right out of the box. 

The pricing isn’t too steep either, especially given the number of features you can get for a mid-level tier, which is going to be more than enough for most people’s needs. 

Advanced features are there when you need them, too. So overall, a great webinar platform that can cater to most marketer’s needs.

All-In-One Webinar Platform
Free 14-Day Trial

WebinarNinja is a browser-based, all-in-one webinar solution for digital educators and creators to grow and retain their customers with webinars. You can host both live and automated webinars.

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6. ClickFunnels

Best Webinar Software - Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is an extremely popular tool among marketers. With it, you can easily create functioning funnels with a click of a button.

It allows you to customize your pages, send and collect emails, and so much more.

As for webinars, ClickFunnels is not a ‘proper’ webinar platform. However, check out this example:

Webinar Platform - Clickfunnels Secret Funnel Strategy Webinar

This training by ClickFunnels themselves is on-demand and automated. Which means the platform can actually support some kinds of webinars, after all.

That being said, you could also embed a YouTube video inside a ClickFunnels page, and you’d have a functioning live webinar.

This is a viable option if you’re already a ClickFunnels subscriber, but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the software just to use as a webinar tool.

You can check out my full review of ClickFunnels here.

Let’s have a look at some of ClickFunnels main features:

Key Features

  • Can create complete funnels with a click of a button (even advanced)
  • Advanced page-builder
  • Tons of templates to choose from
  • Can create membership sites
  • Integrates with all major email service providers and payment systems
  • Can be used as an affiliate-management system


  • Extremely ‘visual’ and easy to use
  • All-in-one solution for most marketing needs
  • Integrates with best payment systems
  • Templates look great (and high-converting)
  • Lots of training materials


  • Quite expensive
  • Numbers of funnels and pages are limited according to which plan you use (it’s only unlimited with their ClickFunnels Platinum plan)
  • It’s easy to use, but the first time interface can get overwhelming

Plans And Pricing

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. When that is over, you have two different plans to choose from.

The main difference lies in the number of funnels and pages you can create with each plan. 

Best Webinar Software Platform - Clickfunnels Pricing

Standard Plan: $97/month (20 funnels and 100 pages max)

Platinum Plan: $297/month (unlimited funnels and pages).

Best For Sales Funnels
Free 14-Day Trial

ClickFunnels is a popular all-in-one sales funnel and marketing platform. It gives you everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your products and services online – without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

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7. GetResponse

Best Webinar Platform - Getresponse

GetResponse is generally used by businesses as an email service provider.

However, few people know that it can offer many other marketing tools, such as a webinar platform. 

Running webinars with GetResponse is great, especially if your mailing list ‘lives’ on their platform, too. This way, you can schedule webinars for your subscribers, but also follow-up messages, thank you emails and reminders.

Their ‘AutoFunnel’ software is also an interesting option: it’s an automated sales funnel ‘generator’: with it you can build your landing pages, automate your emails, sell your products, recover abandoned orders, and ultimately convert your customers:

Webinar Software - Getresposne Autofunnel

Though it was not born as a webinar platform, GetResponse is quite feature-rich: 

Key Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with GetResponse ESP
  • URL customization and easy sharing
  • Integrated whiteboard
  • Polls and surveys
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • CRM integration
  • “Fill-in the blank” invitation and reminder templates
  • Advanced stats 


  • Great ‘all-in-one’ solution that combines with ESP
  • Marketing features are quite advanced
  • ‘AutoFunnel’ platform
  • Webinar setup takes less than a minute


  • Some essential features are not included in lower pricing plans
  • No phone support 


You can get started with GetResponse for free for 30 days. Their pricing structure varies according to your list size and the billing period you choose.

This is a breakdown of their packages based on a 1000-contacts list, billed monthly:

Best Webinar Software - Getresponse Pricing

Basic: $15/month (does not include webinar feature)

Plus: $49/month (includes webinar software with max 100 attendees)

Professional: $99/month (attendees for webinars are capped at 300)

Enterprise: $1,199/month (This is for list sizes that exceed 100k contacts. Attendee limit for webinar feature is 500).  

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

GetResponse works great when you combine its powerful ESP and the webinar feature together. It’s got marketing at its core and the features it offers for it are great.

However, as your list grows, the price grows accordingly, and you might find that the tool becomes quite expensive really fast. 

However, as your list grows, the price grows accordingly, and you might find that the tool becomes quite expensive really fast. 

So, if you go with GetResponse, make sure you already have a solid plan on how to monetize your email list!

All-In-One Marketing Platform
Free 30-Day Trial

GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform that targets e-commerce business owners, as well as email marketing, offers landing pages, a CRM, and advanced automations.

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8. GoToWebinar

Webinar Software - Gotowebinar

GoToWebinar is probably one of the first webinar platforms that hit the internet back in the day when webinars weren’t even popular.

This means they’ve been ‘around the block’ for quite some time, and their tool has been tried and tested so many times, it’s possibly one of the most robust solutions out there. 

Until recently, the UI looked a little ‘old-school’, but the platform has recently been redesigned from the ground up, making the tool of choice of many seasoned marketers, as well as many companies and corporations. 

The list of GoToWebinar’s features is endless. Let’s look at some of the main ones:

Key Features

  • Easy webinar setup. Choose a date and time and the system will walk you through the rest
  • Custom webinar invitations
  • Automated email reminders
  • Interactive features that keep the audience engaged throughout the webinar
  • Polls and surveys during and post-presentation
  • Record events or upload pre-recorded webinars
  • Integrations with marketing-automation tools, CRMs and many more
  • In-depth attendee reports and event stats 


  • One of the most robust solutions out there, especially when handling large audiences
  • Video and audio are great quality (HD)
  • 24/7 support when needed
  • Great features to keep audience engaged and interact with the attendees
  • Handles multiple presenters perfectly


  • A little expensive, even at the most basic level
  • Lower plans don’t allow for large numbers of attendees
  • Webinar recording needs to be converted before it can be used

Plans And Pricing

GoToWebinar is definitely a high-end product when it comes to its pricing. 

It’s a powerhouse of features and is extremely reliable overall, but its price tag might scare a few people off. 

You can test GoToWebinar with a 7-day free trial (with maximum 100 attendees allowed), and you’ll save some money if you choose their annual billing option. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of their pricing structure:

Best Webinar Platforms - Gotowebinar Pricing

Starter Plan: $109/month or $89/month (billed annually): up to 100 participants

Pro Plan: $249/month or $199/month (billed annually): up to 500 participants

Plus Plan: $499/month or $429/month (billed annually): up to 1000 participants

Who is this webinar platform best suited for?

GoToWebinar might not be the best solution for small business or solopreneurs. Its pricing structure makes it much more suited to medium-to-high sized clients. 

It’s not as easy to setup as many of its competitors, so some technical knowledge might be required if you decide to go for it.

With that being said, it’s still one of the strongest solutions out there and it keeps on being used by many clients despite the rise of so many new and more user-friendly webinar platforms. 

Webinar & Virtual Conference Platform
GoTo Webinar
Free Trial

GoTo Webinar is one of the most popular webinar platforms to engage with your audience through virtual conferences and events. 

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9. WebinarIgnition

Wordpress Webinar Software - Webinarignition

Webinar Ignition works in an entirely different way from the other webinar platforms in this list. 

It’s essentially a WordPress plugin that allows you to run webinars, but it is not a standalone software per se. 

You can thus access it from your WordPress dashboard and don’t need to login to another site to make it work.

It’s heavily geared towards marketers and offers a great deal of automation options that many of the other platforms lack. 

It’s greatest selling point, however, is its pricing. Unlike several other software, it offers a one-time payment structure, which for some can be a real deal-breaker.

Webinar Ignition has many interesting features, but some are really key:

Key Features

  • Fully customizable pages (Registration, Replay, Confirmation, etc.)
  • Live CTAs to increase sales during the presentation
  • Can create live or automated webinars
  • Conversion and sales tracking
  • Email + SMS reminders
  • Integrates with live streaming options such as FB and YouTube Live


  • Great pricing
  • Convenient if your website is on WordPress
  • Automations work great
  • Lifetime fee includes all future updates to the plugin
  • Comes with a wealth of training materials 


  • Won’t work if you don’t run your website on WordPress
  • Less feature-heavy than some of its competitors
  • Automated webinars only available in the mid-tier plan


Webinar Ignition comes with a one-time payment structure. This is pretty unique in the webinar platforms space. 

The three tiers mainly differ in the number of websites you can use the plugin for, and in the fact that automated webinars are only available in the Enterprise and Pro plans.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Webinar Ignition’s pricing packages:

Best Webinar Software Platforms - Webinar Ignition Pricing

Basic Plan: $97 (one time): use on a single site

Pro Plan: $197 (one time): use on 3 personal sites. Offers automated webinars

Enterprise Plan: $297 (one time): use on unlimited personal sites. Offers automated webinars.

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

Webinar Ignition is quite unlike other webinar platforms on this list. If you are looking for an easy solution that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site, then this might be the one for you.

Marketing is a big focus for the guys behind Webinar Ignition, so you can expect plenty of features in that realm.

Lastly, if you’re not a fan of recurring payments, then their one-time fee might just be what you’re looking for. 


Webinar Platform for Live & Automated Webinar

Try WebinarIgnition
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10. Crowdcast

Best Webinar Software Platform - Crowdcast

If social media and webinar software married and they had a child, that child would be Crowdcast.

The app combines many features you’d normally find in webinar tools with things you’re familiar with on sites like Facebook or Twitter, such as the host having to create a profile that users can ‘like’ or follow. 

Crowdcast is definitely unlike any other platforms in this list, but the different angle from which it approaches webinars might well be its unique selling point. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Crowdcast can offer in terms of its key features: 

Key Features

  • Web based, no required downloads
  • Great design and UI
  • HD streaming, usually with no delay
  • Advanced engagement features (interactive Q&As, chat and polls)
  • Push notifications
  • Broadcast to platforms like FB and YouTube Live, Periscope, etc.
  • Advanced analytics
  • In-app emails to keep in touch with attendees (and increase engagement)
  • Can also be used for live online courses and summits


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Allows you to create an event in a matter of seconds
  • Engagement-enhancing features are top-notch 
  • Multiple-host and screen-sharing options work great
  • Allows you to run paid webinars, Patreon-exclusive events and donation-based broadcasts.


  • Doesn’t allow for much customization of registration, thank-you pages, etc.
  • Lacks auto or evergreen webinar functionality
  • Duration of events is capped at 2 hours (that’s a deal breaker for me at least when it comest to hosting webinars).


You can pay for Crowdcast on a monthly basis or be billed yearly (which will save you 30%).

There are 4 pricing plans in total: as always, the main difference is in the number of attendees you are allowed, but if more people than your plan allows show up to the webinar, Crowdcast will not crash on you. Instead, you will be billed a small extra fee. 

The other main difference between the pricing tiers is in the total hours per month you can broadcast for.

Best Webinar Platforms - Crowdcast Pricing

Starter Plan: $29/month or $20/month (paid annually). 50+ attendees and 5 hours streaming/month

Lite Plan: $49/month or $34/month (paid annually). 100+ attendees and 10 hours streaming/month

Pro Plan: $89/month or $62/month (paid annually). 250+ attendees and 20 hours streaming/month

Business Plan: $195/month or $139/month (paid annually). 1000+ attendees and 40 hours streaming/month. 

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

If you love social and want to build a strong, personal connection with your audience, Crowdcast is definitely for you.

But if you are looking for something that you can use for lead-gen and sales, this might not be a great solution. 

Its lack of marketing features and automations and the fact you cannot run automatic/evergreen webinars makes it a no-no if selling is your focus.

Try Crowdcast
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11. ClickMeeting

Best Webinar Software - Clickmeeting

This list would not have been complete without an honorable mention of ClickMeeting.

It’s an all-in-one webinar platform that’s used by many marketers and larger companies, and the list of things it can do makes it a serious contender for first place among webinar tools.

What’s even better is that all its features come at a very reasonable price if you choose the right plan: getting started with webinars has never been easier with software like ClickMeeting.

So, features. The list is close to endless. But here are some of the main ones you might want to consider.

Key Features

  • Automated and evergreen webinars
  • Can run paid webinars
  • Custom branding
  • Customized attendee invitations
  • Whiteboard feature
  • Streams to Facebook or YouTube Live
  • Polls and surveys
  • Event-duplicating
  • Simultaneous chat translation
  • Mobile app
  • Advanced analytics and statistics
  • CTAs available during and after webinar


  • Extremely feature-rich
  • Intuitive and easy interface
  • Reasonable pricing that suits all pockets
  • Great engagement enhancements
  • Works well with large audiences
  • Advanced surveys are some of the best in the game


  • Recurring meetings can’t be scheduled
  • Screen-sharing feature sometimes not working well
  • Long webinars take long to export


ClickMeeting can be tested free for 30 days. Otherwise, it charges per month or yearly (which will save you up to -20%).

The price of each plan varies according to the number of attendees you are expecting. For the sake of this review, I have selected a ‘medium-sized’ number (100 people).

Here is a breakdown of their pricing:

Best Webinar Platforms - Clickmeeting Pricing

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

ClickMeeting is definitely business-oriented and works well for small and medium-sized companies (or solopreneurs). Its arsenal of marketing tools is second to none.

If you’re looking for something easy to use straight out of the box, but with tons of features, then this might be the right way to go. 

ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar platforms out there, but it can be ‘overkill’ for some, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles it can offer.

Popular Online Conferencing Solution
Free 30-Day Trial

ClickMeeting is a popular online conferencing solution that enables you to simultaneously connect with up to 20,000 participants.

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12. Kajabi

Best Webinar Platforms - Kajabi

At its heart, Kajabi is an online course creation platform. It’s one of the best of the bunch and many prefer it to competitors such as Teachable or Thinkific.

Not many people know this, but Kajabi has a specific feature called “Events” with which you can run full-blown webinars as you normally would with any other software in this list.

Of course, Kajabi’s webinar tool isn’t as feature-heavy (as you’d expect), but if used in conjunction with an existing Kajabi online course, it can be a really powerful asset (you can even host virtual events, although I wouldn’t use it for my own summits personally).

Key Features of Kajabi

  • Native webinar functionality 
  • Supports live events, multi-day virtual summits or pre-recorded webinars
  • “Pipelines” + “Events” automate the whole funnel creation process


  • Great “out-of-the-box” solution if you’re already a Kajabi user
  • Variety of “events” it supports is great
  • Allows you to use webinars to enhance engagement with your existing students
  • The whole webinar creation process is automated


  • Only works if you’re an existing Kajabi user
  • Not as advanced as many other solutions in this list
  • The whole Kajabi platform can get quite expensive


Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you will need to choose a plan for their whole course-creation package. This means you won’t be able to use their webinar feature ‘standalone’. Still, it is available in all their plans. Billing is monthly or yearly.

Best Webinar Software - Kajabi Pricing

Basic: $149/month or $119/month (billed annually)

Growth: $199/month or $159/month (billed annually)

Pro: $399/month or $319/month (billed annually)

Who is this webinar platform best suited for?

Kajabi’s webinar tool is definitely worth a try if you are already a user of their course-creation platform.

It’s a great add-on that can boost your students’ engagement with your content or be an essential tool in marketing your course to new prospects.

However, the pricing for the whole Kajabi platform is quite steep and it wouldn’t make much sense if all you’re looking for is a straight-forward webinar tool. 

13. BigMarker

Best Webinar Hosting Platform - Bigmarker

BigMarker is definitely one of the top players when it comes to webinar software. It is trusted and used by huge companies such as Google itself, McDonald’s and Panasonic.

It aims at being an all-encompassing solution that lets you create so much more than just live webinars. You can use BigMarker to host on-demand video, record automated and evergreen webinars, run live streams and even create virtual summits. 

With marketing, monetization and customer engagement as its main objectives, this is one tool that you should seriously consider as your go-to solution for all things live-video.

Key Features

  • Conversion-optimized registration pages and live-room.
  • Polls, embeddable quizzes, handouts and Q&A area
  • Live popups during webinar
  • Integrations with CRMs and email marketing platforms
  • Can host HD videos 
  • Customizable video-player branding 
  • Loads of landing page templates
  • Embeddable registration forms
  • Automated follow-up emails


  • User interface is great and easy to use
  • Loads of features
  • All-in-one solution for all things live video
  • Great page templates that are fully customizable


  • Might be ‘overkill’ for some
  • Chat interface looks crowded with buttons and CTAs
  • Users have reported glitches with email integration.


BigMarker offers a wide variety of services apart from webinar software. Their pricing structure is a little complex, but let’s try to break it down to its bare bones:

Best Webinar Software - Bigmarker Pricing

The Starter Plan will set you back $89/month or $79/month billed annually (100 seats and most features). This plan, however, does not include evergreen nor webinar series or paid webinars. 

The $189/month Elite plan ($159/month billed annually) will give you 500 seats and nearly all features.

The Summit Plan allows for up to 1000 attendees and is $399/month or $3,588/year.

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

BigMarker is definitely on the pricey-side, but with all that it can do, it’s easier to understand how it’s a higher-ticket software.

This might scare off solopreneurs or small businesses who don’t really need all of the advanced features this webinar tool can offer. 

But if you’re looking for something that works in all realms of live video and plan on doing a lot in the long run, BigMarker might be worth the investment.


BigMarker provides webinar software, making it so you can boost your online marketing and grow your business.

Try BigMarker
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14. Zoom Meetings & Zoom Webinars

Best Webinar Software - Zoom Webinars

Everyone is talking about (and using) Zoom these days. That’s because it’s reliable, fast and extremely affordable. 

But Zoom wasn’t born as a webinar platform. At its core, the software is a video-conferencing tool. Think of it as a glorified (and much more stable) version of Skype. Big corporations use Zoom for their calls all the time.

However, Zoom has recently come out with a solution that’s catered for those who need webinar capabilities. And as you’d expect, they did a great job. 

Overall, Zoom webinars are excellent quality and have all the usual features you’d expect, though I must say, they are a little thin when it comes to marketing quirks. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into their main features:

Key Features of Zoom Webinars

  • Great HD video
  • Dashboard is extremely easy to use
  • Integrates with Google Calendar, iCal and Microsoft Outlook
  • Meetings can be backed-up in the cloud
  • Several attendees can screenshare at the same time
  • iOS and Android app
  • Live broadcasting (and connection to Facebook and YouTube live)
  • On-demand or recurring webinars
  • Support for larger events
  • Can integrate with PayPal (through Zapier) 


  • Can be used for free (with some limitations)
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Scheduling process is easy and straightforward
  • Quickly becoming the go-to software for many


  • Webinar feature is still ‘young’, so there’s still work to be to done to perfect it
  • Lacks marketing and sales features
  • Lacks automations
  • Generally very stable, but some users have reported it crashing sometimes


As a regular ‘online meeting’ platform, Zoon has a ‘truly free’ option, though with some limitations. The free plan will allow up to 100 participants and up to 40 minutes duration. 

Best Webinar Platform - Zoom Webinars Pricing

Basic Plan: Free (up to 100 participants, 40 mins cap)

Pro Plan: $14.99/month per host: up to 100 participants, 24 hours cap)

Business Plan: $19.99/month per host, with a minimum 10 hosts required: up to 300 participants. Unlimited video duration

Enterprise Plan: $19.99/month per host, with a minimum 50 hosts required: up to 500 participants. Unlimited video duration.

The dedicated webinar option has to be ‘added’ on to one of Zoom’s regular plans. 

The cost for a 1 host webinar with 100 attendees is $40/month/host or $33.33/month/host (paid annually).

The charge increases if you increase the number of participants. 

Best Webinar Software - Zoom Webinars Pricing

Who is this webinar platform best suited for?

At its core, Zoom is not a webinar platform. Keep that in mind if you choose to go with it.

Marketing and sales features are virtually absent, so that is something to consider if you plan on using Zoom for promoting your products. 

Plus, even though streaming quality is often excellent, the software can get pricey if you are expecting quite a few attendees. 

But if you plan on having a reliable web-conferencing tool that can also be occasionally used for webinars, then Zoom might be the right choice for you.

15. Adobe Connect

Webinar Software - Adobeconnect

Adobe is incredibly popular these days for state-of-the-art software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. It actually seems like Adobe has an app for pretty much everything!

One of the latest additions to their arsenal is Connect, a video-conferencing platform that also has a webinar functionality. 

But it doesn’t end there: users of Adobe Connect can also host videos, share documents and so much more. 

Connect can be a great option for its ease of use and general number of features, but it can get quite expensive, quite fast. 

Key Features

  • Great analytics
  • Easy to use
  • “Smart Q&A”, multiple poll types, ‘ice breakers’ and other engagement enhancers
  • “Prepare mode” and advanced host controls
  • Webinar room is fully customizable


  • Analytics are great 
  • Integration with CRM software is a good added benefit
  • As you’d expect from Adobe, customizable templates look great
  • Audience-engagement features are top-notch


  • One of the most expensive platforms out there
  • Experience isn’t great on mobile


Adobe Connect Webinars can be paid-for on a monthly or yearly basis. It has one of the most expensive price-points out there, even at the most basic level. 

The lowest plan ($130/month) will accomodate 100 attendees. If you need 500 participants, you’ll be charged a staggering $470/month. 1000 attendees will set you back $580/month. 

With each plan, events are unlimited.

Best Webinar Platforms - Adobeconnect

Who is this webinar software platform best suited for?

Adobe Connect’s pricing is something that will scare a lot of small-businesses and solopreneurs off. It’s definitely expensive, but what you get is Adobe’s proven track-record as a top quality software company.

The features you need to host a pro-looking webinar are all there, and you can be relatively sure that nothing will break.

That being said, this is definitely not a tool for those just starting out, especially with the variety of better options out there.

17. AnyMeeting

Best Webinar Platforms - Anymeeting

AnyMeeting is a webinar platform offered by Intermedia. The software is an all-in-one solution that has audience engagement and conversions as its main objectives.

The features it offers are second to none. Great video and audio quality are a must in a webinar tool, and AnyMeeting certainly delivers on that.

The fact you can also record automated webinars is another feature that puts this webinar platform right next to the best in this list. 

Key Features

  • HD Video broadcasting
  • One-click screen sharing
  • Real-time polls
  • Live audience Q&A functionality
  • Audio can be gained from computer or dial-in
  • Cloud recording
  • Audience waiting room
  • Advanced analytics and stats


  • Very intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Custom branding 
  • Presenters ‘green room’ to use before the webinar goes live
  • Can link to PayPal for paid events
  • Full set of features included even in the most basic plan


  • A little expensive, especially for a large number of attendees
  • Broadcasting on mobile is not supported


Anymeeting offers a 30-day free trial. Once that has expired, you can choose between three pricing tiers, which are billed monthly.

One great thing is that the full set of features is included in all plans, even the lowest tier.

Best Webinar Software - Anymeeting Pricing

Lite Plan: $48/user/month: up to 50 webinar attendees

Pro Plan: $128/user/month: up to 200 webinar attendees

Enterprise Plan: $298/user/month: up to 1000 webinar attendees

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

AnyMeeting aims to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. With the number of features it has, even in the cheapest plan, it certainly delivers on its promise.

It’s a great choice for both large companies and small-businesses or solopreneurs, and its focus on marketing and sales make lead-gen and conversions highly optimized.

Pricing is a little high, considering the number of attendees you are allowed in the cheapest plan, so if budget is an issue, this might not be your best bet.

Try AnyMeeting
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18. Webex

Webinar Software - Webex

Webex is a suite of softwares owned by Cisco, one of the leading firms in IT.

Aside from its webinar tool, Webex can also be used for video conferencing, team collaboration, online training, and much more.

Webex’s webinar platform is mainly aimed at large corporations and mainly caters to the needs of these businesses, though it can also be used by smaller companies.

It’s definitely feature-rich and the fact that it’s made by Cisco means you can’t go wrong when it comes to reliability and product quality in general. 

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

Key Features

  • Entirely cloud-based
  • Can accommodate up to 200 participants
  • Q&As, polls and surveys to maximise engagement
  • Mobile app
  • Offers hardware devices that work in conjunction with the software


  • Great for team collaboration
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Security features are great
  • Offers meeting transcription (Starter plan or higher)
  • Great customer support
  • Offers a 100% free plan


  • Not fully optimized for marketing purposes
  • Best for large corporations
  • Originally built for video-conferencing, not as a standalone webinar tool


Webex offers 4 plans. You can be billed monthly or annually (saving 10%). The “Free” plan is a great starting point, but it only allows up to 50 attendees.

Best Webinar Platforms - Webex

Free Plan: up to 50 attendees and 40 minutes cap.

Starter Plan: $14.95/host/month or $13.50/host/month (billed annually). Up to 50 participants and unlimited meeting duration

Plus Plan: $19.95/host/month or $17.95/host/month (billed annually). Up to 100 participants and unlimited meeting duration

Business Plan: $29.95/host/month or $26.95/host/month (billed annually). Up to 200 participants and unlimited meeting duration. 

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

Webex’s webinar tool is part of a suite of products that is really aimed at large companies and huge corporations.

The main focus is on team collaboration and training, so marketing features are definitely weaker here when compared to other similar tools.

Definitely not recommended for small businesses and definitely not suitable if you plan on using webinars as part of a funnel (with some degree of automation).

Virtual Event Solution for Enterprises
Webex by Cisco

Webex by Cisco is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars.

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19. DaCast

Webinar Platform - Dacast

DaCast is a live streaming platform that can be used for webinars.

It wasn’t specifically built for the purpose, but it has all the features you need, especially if you don’t want an endless list of functionalities you probably will not use.

It’s great if you’re just starting out and their easy-to-use interface walks you through the meeting process in a matter of minutes.

Other interesting features include unlimited attendees in every plan and an unusual pricing structure that is based on data consumption, rather than on webinar duration or participants.

Key Features

  • No attendee limit
  • Low latency live streaming
  • Can stream to Facebook Live
  • Real-time analytics
  • Live countdown timers to increase engagement
  • Embeddable live video
  • Integrates with PayPal for pay-per-view events


  • FTP access supported
  • Can include video hosting
  • Easy setup process
  • Pricing varies based on data usage


  • Stream might shut off if you exceed data usage
  • Not a ‘native’ webinar platform
  • Lacks many marketing features
  • No free trial


With DaCast, you can choose to be billed monthly or annually.

However, if you choose the monthly option you will only have two plans to choose from (Premium and Enterprise), and you will be asked a 3 months commitment.

Unlike other webinar platforms, DaCast will charge you based on the amount of data you use (you will be charged extra if you exceed the limit). Attendees are unlimited in every plan.

Best Webinar Software - Dacast Pricing

Starter: $19/month (billed annually): 100GB max bandwidth

Premium: $125/month (billed annually): 2000GB max bandwidth

Enterprise: $289/month (billed annually): 5000GB max bandwidth

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

As far as webinar platforms go, DaCast is unique when it comes to its pricing, but a little thin as for its features.

For those who just want a plain, simple webinar tool (and don’t plan on running large events), DaCast is a good solution. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require much experience to get up and running fast.

But if you need marketing features and you care about the engagement of your audience, then you’ll be better off with other platforms. 

Free Trial
Try Dacast
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20. Livestorm

Best Webinar Platforms - Livestorm

Livestorm has recently seen an impressive growth in its user-base. People love its clean and modern interface, plus it’s feature-rich and can cater to virtually all webinar needs.

The fact that it’s trusted by companies such as Bosch doesn’t come as a surprise. 

All in all, Livestorm is also a powerful ‘video meeting’ software (much like Zoom), but their focus is undoubtedly on their webinar platform. The event-types they support range from live and recorded webinars, to automated and recurring ones.

Here are some of its main features: 

Key Features of Livestorm

  • Unlimited HD-quality webinars
  • No downloads required, all web-based
  • Can play pre-recorded videos during webinars
  • Real-time and reusable polls
  • Customizable branding
  • Registration forms can be embedded anywhere
  • Advanced analytics
  • Unlimited recording storage
  • Automated emails
  • Whole interface can be translated in 17 different languages for corporate webinars


  • Clean, modern interface that’s easy to use
  • Email automations work great
  • Landing-page templates look great
  • Offers a free plan to get started
  • Automations work great


  • Users have reported some issue with video quality
  • Free plan doesn’t support many attendees and event is capped at 20 minutes

Plans And Pricing

Livestorm’s webinar tool is only available in two plans, which you can pay for on a monthly or yearly basis.

The free plan is very restrictive, and can only be good if you want to use it to test the waters. Apart from that, it’s not very useful. 

The Premium plan is pricey if you pay monthly, but gives you some discount with the annual plan.

Best Webinar Software - Livestorm Pricing

Basic: Free (10 registrants max and 20 minutes streaming limit)

Premium: $109/host/month or $99/host/month (billed annually). This plan has no limits in terms of attendees. Webinar duration is capped at 4 hours.

Who is this webinar software best suited for?

Livestorm is quickly becoming the go-to webinar solution for many companies and entrepreneurs.

The deal breaker here is its clean and crips interface, but most of all its automation capabilities. The whole process (emails to live-room and follow-up) is pretty much templated and can be implemented really fast.

This is definitely an option to consider if you plan on turning your content evergreen or if automations play a big part in the overall structure of your funnels. 

#1 Video Engagement Platform
Free & Paid Plans

Livestorm is a powerful video engagement platform to manage meetings, webinars, and virtual events from start to finish.

Try Livestorm My Review
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21. Zoho Webinars

Best Webinar Software - Zohomeeting

“Meeting” is Zoho’s webinar software, and is part of a large family of products for online businesses.

Zoho’s aim is that of making webinars extremely affordable, without compromising on the software’s quality and the overall user experience. 

This webinar platform’s strongpoints are undoubtedly its design and UI, together with excellent customer support and great engagement-enhancing features. 

Key Features

  • Registration page customization (and full embedding supported)
  • Automated email reminders and follow-up
  • No software to download. All web-based
  • Interactive polls and Q&As
  • Presenter-switching
  • In-depth reporting and analytics


  • Cheap when compared to similar tools
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Dial-in function for attendees who require it


  • Large numbers of attendees are not supported
  • Analytics can be improved
  • Automations (apart from email) are not its strong point.


Zoho’s webinar platform will set you back $15/host/month. However, this only supports 25 participants. The higher plans support larger numbers, but never over 100 attendees.

Here’s a full breakdown of their pricing structure.

Best Webinar Platforms - Zoho Meeting Pricing

Webinar 25: $15/month paid yearly (up to 25 attendees)

Webinar 50: $23/month paid yearly (up to 50 attendees)

Webinar 100: $31/month paid yearly (up to 100 attendees)

Webinar 250: $63/month (up to 250 attendees).

Who is this webinar platform best suited for?

Zoho Meeting is perfect for small businesses who want to use webinars to grow their audience. Their prices are extremely affordable and you get quite a lot of features even with lower plans. 

The main problem, however, is the very low number of attendees that Zoho can accommodate, even in its highest tier. 

If you plan on using webinars extensively, the number of participants might grow over time, and you might find that Zoho cannot cater for the number of attendees you expect for each event. 

Clutter-Free Webinar Platform
Zoho Webinar
Free 14-Day Trial

Zoho Meeting's webinar platform offers a simple set-up process for you to effortlessly host and conduct your webinars.

Try Zoho Webinar
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What Are The Best Free Webinar Software Platforms?

If you’re tight on budget, there are pretty good options out there with which you can create a functioning webinar without having to purchase dedicated software.

Companies like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all offer live-streaming options, some of which are actually pretty good alternatives (YouTube).

However, always keep in mind that most of these platforms were not specifically built to host webinars, so some features you’d get on a good webinar platform will often be missing.

That being said, let’s have a closer look at the best free webinar software platforms out there:

22. YouTube Live

YouTube Live is completely free, and lets you stream live video right to the site.

In order to run a live stream, you will need a YouTube channel and use Chrome as a browser. 

With YouTube growing in popularity by the day, your video has the potential to reach thousands when live, and even more people once it’s recorded.

What’s more interesting is that YouTube is highly scalable. It can handle more people than almost any webinar software. 

Just an example: Dean Graziosi and Toby Robbins’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint webinar was watched live by more than 100k people and at the time of writing this, the recording has been viewed by over 240k people (which is just mind blowing).

That would never be possible with ‘normal’ webinar software (or would be insanely expensive).

Here’s the YouTube Live embedded on their website (which people had to sign up for)…

Webinar Platform - Tony Robbins &Amp; Dean Graziosi Kbb Webinar

And here’s the actual webinar on YouTube (during the live webinar people could also chat there in the native YouTube chat, or in the chat box on their page)…

What Is Email Marketing Software?

Just like other platforms such as Facebook, though, YouTube is not webinar software.

That means that you can certainly share your content in the form of a webinar, but you will have to do without many quirks that make webinar platforms a great option.

Still, if your budget is tight, it’s worth considering (or if you plan to do a really massive webinar with 10,000’s, if not 100k+ people on live like Dean and Tony did).

Here are some of its main features:

Key Features of YouTube Live

  • “Live” functionality already built into YouTube
  • Can stream directly from YouTube itself (not as flexible) or use an encoder like vMix, Ecamm Live, Wirecast or StreamLabs (very flexible).
  • Can support great video resolution (up to 4k)
  • Live video is automatically ‘showcased’ by YouTube in prominent places on their site
  • Users can receive notifications the exact minute you go live
  • Supports screen sharing.


  • Just like Facebook, YouTube puts gives a lot of ‘love’ to live video and can basically promote it for you
  • Highly scalable
  • It’s completely free
  • Easy to setup and run
  • Live stream can be embedded on your own site and a chat can be added below
  • Engagement is usually pretty high through chat
  • Video is automatically recorded


  • Not a ‘real’ webinar platform
  • Live stream will almost never break
  • Ads might get intrusive
  • Can’t collect email address of attendees (unless you do this upfront and embed the YouTube live video on your website)
  • No stats (people drop off, etc.)


YouTube Live is 100% free (but any 3rd party encoder software will obviously cost a bit of money, if you want to up the quality and flexibility… I use vMix to stream live to YouTube for example).

Who is this free webinar software best suited for?

Unlike Facebook Live, I feel YouTube Live has many more perks that can make it a viable solution. 

Of course, stats won’t be there and email addresses won’t be collected, but as shown in the Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins example above, YouTube Live can be extremely powerful.

If you have no money to invest in other software, this is by far the best option. Use YouTube live, embed it on a page, or simply stream directly to YouTube (live video can also be a great strategy to grow your YouTube channel faster).

23. Facebook Live

Host Webinar On Facebook Live

You all know Facebook. And if you’ve been following recent developments, you’ll know that Facebook pretty much killed its organic reach a couple years ago.

Having your audience see your posts and content is harder now than it’s ever been.

The answer? Facebook Ads and Facebook Live

We won’t go into the first one, as we will soon have much more detailed articles about it.

So let’s talk about Facebook Live. Facebook has told its users it favors live streaming much more than written posts, and increases their reach way more than it would a regular post.

Everyone is trying to “break the Facebook Live” code these days. And rightly so: it can be a very powerful tool indeed. 

But is it good for running a webinar? It is, and it isn’t at the same time.

One the one hand, you don’t need additional software (you almost certainly already use Facebook in some shape or form). Plus, you have ‘engagement features’ built-in, in the form of comments, shares and likes. 

But Facebook Live, like some of the tools we’ve seen in this list, wasn’t built for webinars.

It lacks all the bells and whistles that make a good webinar tool worth the money. Email automation, marketing capabilities… you get none of that with Facebook. 

That being said, let’s look at some of the features Facebook Live can boast:

Key Features

  • Built into the world’s biggest social network
  • Stream is automatically ‘promoted’ by Facebook itself
  • Ease of use
  • Built-in engagement features (comments, likes, etc.)


  • Totally free
  • No additional software needed
  • Low barrier to entry: anyone can use it straight out of the box
  • Stream could go viral
  • Easy to interact with
  • No cap on attendees


  • Reliability: can (and will) crash sometimes
  • Can’t collect attendees emails
  • No control over who attends the stream
  • No customization options


Facebook Live is totally free and is included in your Facebook App (desktop and mobile)

Note: Any 3rd party encoder software will cost a bit of money, if you want to up the quality and flexibility… I use vMix or Ecamm Live to stream Facebook in higher quality).

Who is this free webinar software best suited for?

As a marketer or solopreneur, you should definitely dip your toes into Facebook Live. 

Most of your competitors probably already use it, and it has quickly become a must-have for communicating with your audience. 

But webinars? Not so much. Sure, you can test your live broadcasting skills with it, but if you plan on running a full-blown webinar, you’d better use a tool that’s specifically built for that.

My recommendation? Use a proper webinar platform and then stream your webinar to Facebook Live. Check this list: many tools offer this feature!

24. Instagram Live (IG Live)

Instagram Live concludes our brief list of free webinar solutions.

As with Facebook, Instagram is mainly a social network that has implemented live video to boost engagement for its users.

Running a webinar on Instagram Live is technically possible. You are still broadcasting live to an audience you’ve previously built, but the whole event happens on Instagram itself. 

Just like Facebook and YouTube, Instagram will most likely showcase the video for you and ‘promote’ it to your audience, but that’s mostly about it when it comes to things you can do.

Sure, you can put a call to action for your attendees in your bio, but what about automation and so many other features a good webinar platform can give you?

Key Features

  • Live video streaming
  • Video replay can be saved to Instagram Stories
  • High engagement through comments and ‘likes’ 
  • Select comments can be pinned to top of video


  • Completely free
  • No need for additional software
  • Interaction rates are sky-high through chat
  • Basic analytics can give you an idea of how the stream performed
  • Video can be repurposed


  • Lacks marketing functionalities 
  • CTAs can easily be missed
  • Might get glitchy for some users
  • Requires an Instagram account with a fair number of followers to be successful


Instagram Live is 100% free.

Who is this free webinar service best suited for?

Instagram Live is a little more ‘niche’ than Facebook or YouTube Live.

You should definitely consider it if Instagram is a big focus in your social media marketing, but just like other social networks, a social network will do, what a social network will do.

Selling on Instagram, unless you are a household name with thousands of followers is really hard. Let alone selling through a live-streamed ‘webinar’.

Your best bet? Once again, a ‘proper’ webinar tool such as WebinarJam

What Is Webinar Software?

Webinar software is essentially a tool or platform that helps you run online meetings with one or more attendees. 

Since there are many moving parts that go into organizing and running an online event such as a webinar, a software tool that’s specifically made for the job offers a list of features that help the creator (“host”) throughout the process. 

The best webinar software is able to cater to many needs, including managing and following-up with attendees, offering detailed analytics and displaying calls-to-action so that participants are compelled to buy what the presenter has to offer.

There is a wide variety of webinar software platforms on the market (like WebinarJamEverWebinar and EasyWebinar), especially since webinars have become increasingly popular in recent years in the online marketing world. 

Each has its pros and cons, but the main underlying aim of these tools is that of offering the best user experience for attendees while, at the same time, making it easy for the host to run the meeting and interact with his/her audience. 

Benefits Of Using Webinar Platforms

The main benefit of using a webinar platform is that most of these software are ‘all-in-one’ products.

Think of a platform such as WebinarJam, for example. You get all the features you need in one place:

Best Webinar Software - Webinarjam

Can you imagine having to juggle the various moving parts of running a successful webinar with 3, 4 or even 5 different apps that need to be integrated with one another and most of all, need to work seamlessly together?

A webinar software combines all the functionalities you need in one place. It’s a one-stop-shop where you have all that you need at the touch of a button. 

Inexperienced entrepreneurs and marketers often overlook the potential of webinars.

That is a great mistake. Countless success-stories speak of people doubling, tripling or even quadrupling their email list just because of a webinar.

And making five or even six figures in sales from just a small audience, with a well-presented webinar.

Don’t believe those who say that ‘webinars are dead’. They are very much alive, more than they’ve ever been. 

Here are some benefits of using webinars in your business:

1. Webinars are the best way to automate and scale your marketing

By implementing one single webinar, you can achieve many different goals, all at the same time.

There must be a reason why over 60% of marketers regularly use webinars in their marketing.  

You can build an audience (and an email-list), you can make money and you can serve your people by offering valuable content.

With webinar software, all of this can later be automated, and the sales can come rolling-in even when you sleep. It’s passive income at its best.

2. Webinars will position you as an expert in your field

For your audience, registering for a webinar is a relatively easy process. 

But if you think about it, it takes quite a bit of commitment on their part. They need to sign-up, they need to block the time off their calendar to attend, they need to actually show up and most likely take notes.

All of the above means that they believe in what you have to say, but most of all that they respect you and see you as an authority.

3. Webinars will boost your audience’s engagement

With the tools at your disposal that many webinar platforms offer, the level of engagement you’ll get with your audience is unparalleled. 

Pools, questions, chat… all of this gives your people a voice and the opportunity to connect with you one-on-one at a personal level, something that not even email marketing can match.

By feeling as though they are “part of the action”, your peeps will see you as a real person.

This builds a very strong bond, and when the time comes, asking for the sale will be much easier.

4. Webinars can help you tap into other people’s audiences

Webinars are not only run for your own audience. You can co-host an event with a friend or even a competitor in the same niche. 

This allows you to accomplish all of the points above, but with another group of people who probably didn’t know you before. 

If done right, a co-hosted webinar can be an absolute win-win situation for both of you.

Your ‘colleague’ gets valuable content that his/her audience are going to enjoy.

You, on the other hand, get new leads, a boost to your authority in your niche and ultimately, more sales.

5. Webinars can be ‘scaled’ relatively easily

Once you’ve run a few live webinars, you should definitely think about implementing some kind of automation – something that most software featured in this article allows you to do. 

Once that is in place, you can really see the benefits of evergreen webinars.

But what’s even more interesting is that you can actually recruit affiliates who can send traffic to the automated webinar for you, this resulting in a constant stream of leads (and sales) for your business.

When you’ve got an army of people eager to promote your training for you, the possibilities are endless!

How To Use Webinar Platforms: Proven Tips & Strategies That Work

Anyone can learn how to use a webinar platform. Anyone can run a live stream. 

But not anyone can successfully collect leads and turn those leads into customers.

That’s why – if you want your webinars to be real game-changers each time you run them, you should approach them with a proven plan in mind.

Here are some of my best tips and tricks to make your webinars unforgettable experiences for you and your audience.

1. Don’t skimp on audio and video quality.

We all start somewhere. I know my first live streams were run with a cheap smartphone, a cheap tripod and even cheaper headphones.

But these days, people expect quality. According to stats produced by OutGrow, video is the main part in an overall webinar’s data usage.

This means chats and all the rest are important, but people are there to watch.

Try to be as professional as you can with what you’ve got, and be sure to invest in better equipment as soon as you can. 

2. Tailor your webinar specifically to your audience 

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customer is. 

If you don’t, use tools like surveys, polls and do some research before you run your first or next webinar. An excellent software for this is SurveyMonkey (or even simply good ol’ Google Forms).

What are the main questions your customer has about your topic?

What are their pain-points?

What would be the ideal solution you could present to them so that they can overcome their problem?

Be sure to address all of these questions in your webinar, and your customer will feel like you’re talking directly to them! 

3. Give value, then pitch

Your audience is attending your webinar because they want to learn something. 

Don’t forget that.

Most people are used to hearing a pitch at the end of webinars these days, but make sure your presentation is 90% value and 10% pitch. 

Ideally, your attendee should be able to walk away from the webinar with a specific solution to his/her problem, even if they haven’t bought your product.

4. Learn from your own webinars

Most webinar platforms these days offer pretty in-depth analytics and stats.

Make sure you look at them closely once the webinar is over.

How many people actually showed-up live?

How many responded to polls and what were their answers?

When did the majority of the people ‘leave’ the webinar?

Look at the data and learn from your mistakes. It will make the next webinar so much better (and a whole lot more profitable).

How To Choose The Best Webinar Software For You And Your Business?

The answer to these questions really depends on two main factors: your budget and your long-term plan for your business.

There’s no way you can run a successful webinar without investing in some tool. But that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank.

Keep in mind that a good webinar platform only needs to do a few basic things at its core:

  • Get people to sign-up to your webinar 
  • Send emails to those people
  • Deliver your webinar
  • Follow up with attendees

This can be done with a very basic tool, and the list above provides many options from which you can choose from.

If, on the other hand, you are more ‘serious’ about using webinars in your marketing and implementing things such as automations, funnels, etc., then… you might want to invest in a more ‘comprehensive’ tool.

Which brings me to the second point: your long-term plan.

Webinars are an incredible way of growing your email list and a great way of selling your products.

A more advanced webinar platform can help you automate many of the steps that are required to make a functioning funnel that brings in money for you on autopilot.

Don’t go crazy when investing in a webinar tool, but don’t undervalue its potential in the long run.

What Is The Best Pre-Recorded Webinar Software?

Pre-recorded or automated webinars are the ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to webinars.

The fact that they are recorded allows you to replay the webinar over and over, turning your video into an ‘evergreen’ event your audience can view whenever they want. 

This is the very definition of ‘sales on autopilot’, and can really revolutionise your business if implemented well.

Some of the tools in the list above make creating pre-recorded and automated webinars a real breeze, and can also help you in setting up an evergreen funnel your audience can go through once they sign-up for the event. 

My recommendation for the best pre-recorded webinar software has to be EverWebinar, the main reason being their automated webinars ‘look and feel’ like a live event.

You set the whole process up once, and you’re good to go. And you can be sure your audience will love the experience and never feel like they were cheated into believing the event was live.

For a full review of EverWebinar, scroll to the top of this list, number 2.

And honorable mention goes to Easy Webinar, which is great but doesn’t quite match the quality of the experience EverWebinar is able to provide to the end user. 

Conclusion: Which Of The Best Webinar Software Tools Will You Use?

There you have it. My top recommendations and full reviews of the best webinar software out there when it comes to running professional and profitable webinars.

If you’re looking for my absolute top choice and what I use myself for hosting successful webinars, I highly recommend you get started with a 14-day trial of WebinarJam for $1 (they just released WebinarJam 4.0 and it’s amazing). 

If you’re looking for a webinar software for recorded or evergreen webinars, I would recommend that you get started with a 14-day trial of EverWebinar for $1.

Now I’d like to hear from you….

What’s your experience with hosting webinars? Have you ever run one or are you an experienced marketer that uses them extensively?

And which webinar software do you plan to use in your online business?

Have you tried some tool that is not in this list and want to recommend it? Had a bad experience and want to report it?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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  1. Avatar Of Krisztián Krisztián says:

    Great list of webinar solutions! What I miss from the article is that you do not talk about the latency of the various softwares. Due to the constant delay, it is very difficult to do interactive webinars with WebinarJam and very simple with Demio, where the latency is very small.

    1. Avatar Of Navid Moazzez Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the article. Great feedback as well… we may add some more info on that later on. Personally, latency hasn’t been much of an issue for me and I always find a way around it. I prefer WebinarJam and EverWebinar over Demio for many other reasons, or if you’re doing massive webinars then YouTube live with an encoder software (like vMix or Ecamm live) to stream it in high quality is the way to go (Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi recently used YouTube live embedded on a page as I mentioned in this article, and I believe you can set latency very low there if you stream in 1080p).

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