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To make it easier for our readers and audience, the we put together this ever expanding frequently asked questions page.

Creator School is a global media and education company for the new wave of digital creators and solopreneurs, founded by Navid Moazzez (also referred to as the “godfather” of hosting insanely valuable virtual events over the past 10+ years). We empower and inspire today’s content creators to become tomorrow’s digital superstars. Our mission is to democratize access to creator-focused education, making it widely available for all aspiring talents.

We connect 10,000’s of people with some of the most of the most successful content creation experts, legendary entrepreneurs, and AI pioneers including Neil PatelMark JoynerIman OubouMatt Wolfe, Stu McLaren, Sean Cannell, Molly Mahoney, Gigi Skarlett, Eric Siu, Cal Newport, Robert Greene, Ryan Levesque, Larry Kim, John Lee Dumas, Todd Herman, Vanessa Lau, Julia McCoy, Rachel Miller, Dennis Yu, Brock Johnson, Neville Medhora, and many more.

Creator School breaks down these leading-edge experts’ proven methods and experiences into practical, actionable content through virtual events, videos, podcasts, guides, and comprehensive step-by-step online courses – enabling our diverse community of content creators, solopreneurs and digital business owners to craft compelling content, build an audience of raving fans, and grow a profitable creator business. 

Creator School is perfect for you if you are a content creator, digital business owner, solopreneuer or entrepreneur who would like to build, grow, and monetize your creator business faster.

There are money transfer services that can remit your fund within a few  minutes (10 minutes). But the majority takes 1 – 2 business days.

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Navid Moazzez is the founder of Creator School.

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You can find all our upcoming virtual events here. Right now you can sign up for the AI for Creators Summit.

Last updated: 2023-12-19