Every month, over 140,000 people search Google for “Logan Paul net worth”.

Logan Paul is just another successful internet entrepreneur that piques people’s interest.

Trailed by controversy, scorned by critics, and fined by internet giants Google and YouTube on multiple occasions, Logan Paul has risen above several challenges to create a life of wealth and affluence for himself.

From being a creator on Vine to YouTube, then professional boxing, acting, and merchandising, Logan Paul’s popularity and diversity know no bounds.

Anyone familiar with the life story of other social entrepreneurs such as Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez, and Lewis Howes, will also be motivated to pursue life with renewed passion and vitality after reading about Logan Paul.

In this article, we’ll dive into the story of Logan Paul, how he made money, his net worth, controversies, and more.

What Is Logan Paul Net Worth & Salary in 2022?

Logan Paul’s net worth in 2022 is $35 million, and his earnings from YouTube alone is $14.5 million.

He steadily carved out a niche for himself as an internet personality, and from the fame this gave him, he dabbled in other money-making ventures.

He started as a creator on the now defunct social platform, Vine. He created a cult following from this platform as his initial base, where his followers identified as “Logang.”

By 2015, he started earning hundreds of thousands in deals and sponsorships due to his influence and acceptance on the platform. But this was short-lived. The platform went off the internet in 2017.

Logan moved his craft to YouTube, where he was already famous, as fans imported some of his videos from Vine. For that year, 2017 and the next, 2018, he was amongst the highest earners on YouTube.

But he was rocked by controversies and earned suspensions in 2018. This made his net worth take a hit, and he subsequently dropped out of the top earners’ list.

But Logan would not be outdone by some setbacks. He showed tenacity, learned from the experience, rallied his fan base, and diversified his income.

All this paid off, and by the end of 2021, guess who’s back on the YouTube highest earners list? It’s LOGAN PAUL.

But how does Logan Paul make his money? What does he spend on? What are some lessons to learn from his story?

This article is about to get more interesting. Read on as I provide all the details to the questions you have about Logan Paul.


Logan Alexander Paul

Net Worth

$35 million


26 years

Date of Birth

April 1, 1995

Place of Birth

Westlake, Ohio


The Maverick


Youtuber, Actor, Boxer




6ft 2in (188 cm)

Social media

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Logan Paul Net Worth Over Time

YearLogan Paul Net Worth

$14 million


$19 million


$25 million


$32 million


$35 million

Who Is Logan Paul? Life Story and Wiki

Logan Paul Net Worth - Logan Paul Profile

Logan Alexander Paul is an American YouTuber, internet personality, social media influencer, and podcast host.

He grew up with his brother Jake, and both followed a similar life path to build their careers as social entrepreneurs before delving into other ventures.

By the time he finished high school in 2013, he had already recognized the growing influence of social media. Although he enrolled at Ohio University to pursue a degree in industrial engineering, it did not last long.

He dropped out the following year, moved to Los Angeles with his brother to further his career as a social media entertainer.

That decision proved to be one of the best in his life. He found success in social media as a creator, firstly on Vine then on YouTube.

Today, he has over 33 million subscribers on all his channels and a combined view of more than 7.4 billion.

He is also an actor, with roles and guest appearances in several films and TV series, such as The Thinning, Bizaardvark, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, etc.

He has also extended his content into other avenues such as boxing, filmmaking, merchandising, music, and podcast.

But Logan’s story is not all sweet and smooth. Like most other successful entrepreneurs, he has had his fair share of setbacks, controversies, and life difficulties.

In overcoming these challenges, learning from his mistakes, and giving his audience pure entertainment and happiness, he has remained relevant and rich.

“Creating content to make people smile and laugh, that’s what makes me happy.”

Logan Paul

Logan Paul in Numbers

  • He had over 9.47 million followers on Vine as of 2017, when the platform went off the air.
  • His total social reach is put at 66.1 million.
  • He has over 5.1 million followers on Twitter.
  • He is followed by 20 million people on Instagram.
  • His main channel on YouTube has 23.2 million subscribers.
  • His total combined views is over 7.4 billion

Logan Paul YouTube Subscriber Milestones

Logan Paul’s YouTube subscribers have steadily grown over the years to over 23.4 million subscribers in 2022. Here’s how he got to those numbers.

  • December 2016: 1 million subscribers
  • March 2017: 3 million subscribers
  • June 2017: 5 million subscribers
  • July 2017: 8 million subscribers
  • August 2017: 10 million subscribers
  • December 2017: 15 million subscribers
  • August 2018: 18 million subscribers
  • November 2019: 20 million subscribers
  • July 2020: 22 million subscribers
  • May 2021; 23 million subscribers

Early Life

Logan Paul Net Worth - Logan Paul And Jake Paul

Logan Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio, on April 1, 1995. He attended Westlake High School, where he was an All-Star linebacker for the school football team. He grew up with his brother, Jake, a successful internet personality.

While he was in high school, he enjoyed wrestling amongst other things. His passion for the sport paid off as he qualified for the state high school championship in 2013.

That same year, he went in further pursuit of an engineering degree at Ohio University.

He dropped out the following year then moved to Los Angeles with his brother to pursue a career in social media entertainment.

During his one-year stint at the university, his social media presence increased massively from 900 followers to over 1.5 million followers.

By this time, he was already making waves on Vine and was one of the ten most influential personalities on the platform by the end of 2015.

This served as the basis of his successful social media career and molded him into today’s accomplished internet entrepreneur.


Logan Paul’s journey as a social media personality started when he was just 10. At this age, he started creating YouTube videos via a channel he called Zoosh.

Then he turned his attention to Vine before finally launching his official channel on YouTube.

But before that, he was already something of a sensation on YouTube. His videos from Vine were a common sight on the platform.

This generated massive engagement when a compilation of his work, compressed into a single video, appeared on YouTube.

This happened in April 2014. And by the end of the first week, after the video surfaced on YouTube, it had garnered over 4 million views.

In turn, this further increased his popularity, and he started receiving brand deals and sponsorships. This came from Pepsi, HBO, Virgin Mobile, and Hanes.

By 2015, he was among Vine’s ten most influential personalities, and the dollars were already coming in the hundreds of thousands.

Apart from the TheOfficialLoganPaul channel that he launched in 2013, he created the Logan Paul Vlog Channel in 2015. This became his main and most subscribed channel on YouTube.

When Vine wrapped up in 2017, Logan Paul became a permanent feature on YouTube. He quickly leveraged his original popularity on the platform to build a name for himself.

He now has more than 23.4 million subscribers on his main channel and was the highest-earning YouTuber for multiple years.

Using YouTube as his base, Logan diversified into other business endeavors such as merchandise sales, podcasts, and boxing.


Logan Paul’s story would not be complete without mentioning some of his contentious acts that have been publicly criticized.

The most heated of these acts occurred on the last day of December 2017. On this day, Logan posted a video of his time with his crew in Japan that created a storm on the internet.

The video showed in the background a lifeless body hanging from a tree. He recorded the video at Aokigahara, near Mount Fiji in Japan.

The location has a bad reputation and is commonly referred to as “Suicide Forest” by the local populace.

The video quickly went viral, and within 24 hours, it had gathered over 6.3 million views. People raised eyebrows, condemned the video, criticized Logan for posting it, and petitioned YouTube to delete his channel.

Logan brought down the video and posted an apology note on Twitter the next day. In addition, he posted an apology video that had more than 52 million views.

YouTube also condemned the video through its Twitter page and removed Logan’s channel from its Google Preferred ad program.

YouTube also removed him from its original series, Foursome, and its movie, Thinning: New World Order.

After the air cooled down a bit on this event, Logan started supporting various suicide prevention campaigns and contributed $1 million to agencies dedicated to suicide prevention.

In February 2018, YouTube again suspended Logan for two weeks. During this period, he could not monetize his videos and did not get any view-per-page revenue.

This was in response to his posting a video of himself toying with a fish from his pond and using a taser gun on two rats.

Aside from this, YouTube similarly put him on 90-day probation where none of his videos appeared on the trending table.

In January 2019, Logan also made some unintentional homophobic remarks and was widely criticized for this.


Logan Paul’s life and career are filled with some life-changing moments that have shaped his journey and brought him to the limelight.

Here are some of those notable events:

  • Creating his official YouTube account in 2013.
  • Becoming the 10th most influential personality on social platform Vine in 2015.
  • Amassing over 9.47 million followers on Vine before its shutdown in 2017.
  • Posting of the Japanese Aokigahara forest video which generated lots of controversy in 2017.
  • Making his own movie “Airplane Mode” in 2019.
  • Launching of his merchandise maverick
  • Challenging the “money man” and legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout in 2021.

Logan Paul Movies

It is safe to refer to Logan Paul as a “jack of many trades.” In addition to his career as a content creator, boxer, and podcast host, Logan is also an actor and film producer.

He started his journey as an actor with guest appearances in Tv series like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Stitchers, and Bizaardvark.

In 2019, he produced his own movie titled Airplane Mode. Logan was the star of the movie and he featured other internet personalities like Lele Pons, Casey Neistat, Andrew Bachelor, amongst other top influencers.

He also formed a working relationship with The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, and appeared in some of his movies such as Hercules, Central Intelligence, and Baywatch.

But before you go out looking for him in these movies, know that his scenes were cut out in the final editions. So, you won’t find him in any of these movies.

His other movies include:

  • The Thinning (2016)
  • The Space Between Us (2017)
  • Can’t Take It Back (2017)
  • Where’s the Money (2017)
  • The Thinning: New World Order (2018)
  • Valley Girl (2020)

How Does Logan Paul Make Money?

Amassing a net worth of $35 million is no easy task.

Despite Logan Paul being hit by several setbacks and revenue suspensions on YouTube, he still earns a huge amount from the platform.

But this is not his only source of income. He has diversified into merchandise sales, boxing, podcast, and movie making.

YouTube Ads Revenue

Logan recognizes the value of YouTube as a creator. He understands the platform as a tool for entertainment, brand building, and money-making.

“YouTube does a better job of monetizing for the creators. Like, that is the home for me as a creator where, not only can my content be seen, consumed, digested, but also they pay.”

Logan Paul

With over 33 million subscribers and 7 billion views on his multiple channels on YouTube, Logan is one of the most followed Youtuber. And this opens him to making money not only form ads but also from deals and sponsorships.

In 2018, Logan earned $14.5 million from YouTube, making him the 10th highest earner for that year. However, after several controversies and suspension of his earnings, he dropped from the top ten list.

In 2021, he made $18 million from YouTube and was the 9th highest earner for that year. After spending the past years revamping his image, this was something of a comeback into the elite earners club.

Maverick Merchandise

Logan Paul Net Worth - Maverick

It is common for successful creators to diversify their portfolios beyond the channel they started from, and Logan recognizes this opportunity.  

He leveraged his brand acceptance to personally connect with his fan base through the sale of merchandise.

Logan launched his clothing line in 2017 and named it after his pet parrot, Maverick.

This clothing line was successful and shored up his finances from the hit it took from several suspensions on YouTube.

A year after he started, Forbes estimated he made $10 million in annual revenue.

To Logan, Maverick isn’t just about the clothing or other merchandise on sale; it is a movement.

He usually emphasizes this point in most of the promotional videos for the Maverick brand. And guess what, the movement became big.

In May 2020, Logan announced the rebranding of Maverick via one of his YouTube videos. His goal was to make it a complete fashion brand and not just a merch reliant on his influence.

A year after this exercise, Logan announced that he made between $30-$40 million on his podcast.  

Following the positive feedback and wide acceptance Logan received from this enterprise, he established an exclusive content platform called MAVERICK CLUB. Membership is by a $20 monthly subscription.

In just under two months of starting the club, more than 500,000 have subscribed. Members have access to exclusive content, VIP clothing, and special giveaways not available to other people.

Impaulsive Podcast

Logan Paul Net Worth - Impaulsive Podcast

As a creator, Logan understands the importance of diversity, and he uses this to his advantage. He started his podcast channel in 2018 and named it the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

The podcast endeared him to his audience and won him many more followers. The podcast gets more than a million listeners for every episode.

This podcast became the most popular podcast in 2019 and contributed significantly to his earnings.

He hosts the Impaulsive podcast with his close buddies, Spencer Tailor and Mike Majlak. Each episode of the podcast discusses various trending, entertaining, and informative issues.

They interview popular celebrities like Josh Peck, James Charles, Farrah Abraham, Tanner Fox, and other internet personas like Austin McBroom and Lele Pons.

The podcast now has over 3.6 million subscribers and is available for streaming on major sites like Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. He made over $3 million from his podcast in 2021.


Logan Paul Net Worth - Logan Paul Podcast

Don’t be surprised. Logan Paul wears many hats, but this one might be the least expected. Although not a well-celebrated one, Logan is also a professional boxer, and the sport has contributed to his earnings.

Logan’s first bout was as an amateur boxer in 2018. He fought popular YouTuber KSI and lost the match.

But this was not to be the end of their challenge. They met in the box again in 2019, but Logan was making his professional debut this time.

The fight took place at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, and KSI won the split decision. Each of them made over $3 million from their second encounter.

Both boxers are still in business, but not in the ring this time. They are collaborating to launch a new beverage brand called Prime Hydration.

That was not the last time Logan appeared in a boxing ring. He had another chance in 2021 to show his skills.

But this time, he went for the big fish of professional boxing. His opponent was the legendary Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

It was an exhibition match that surprisingly went to the eighth round and ended with no winner being announced.

While Mayweather made around $35 million from this fight, Logan made an estimated $5 million.

As I’m writing this piece, another exhibition match is rumored between Logan Paul and Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in February 2022.

Although nothing has been confirmed, Logan might be on his way to his first win in the ring.

Prime Hydration Drink

In January 2022, Logan Paul and his Youtube adversary KSI co-founded Prime, a hydration drink company.

According to Logan, the product was created by him, KSI, and a multi-hundred-person team.

Logan Paul tweeted shortly after the product’s release that it was sold out.

While it doesn’t have much of an impact on his fortune right now, it will in the future.

How Does Logan Paul Spend His Money?

Logan Paul Net Worth - How Does Logan Paul Spend His Money

Logan’s pattern of spending doesn’t follow a particular profile. Obviously, a reasonable amount of his monthly expenses goes to settling his payrolls. He put this figure at $250K per month.

He summed this up in one of his podcast videos when he said,

“It’s honestly a lot of payroll and just actual regular expense… I just have a lot of people working for me; I have a lot of moving pieces. And yeah, so I buy some stuff too sometimes….”

He once surprised his assistant, Dani Strobel, with her dream car, costing $50k.

He bought his mansion, where he currently lives in Encino, California, for $6.6 million and bought a ranch in San Jacinto for $1 million.

In April 2021, he displayed another $10 million mansion he acquired in Puerto Rico. He also has an exotic collection of cars.

In December 2021, he spent $3.5 million on a rare first edition of Pokémon boxes. He later discovered that they were fake and actually G.I Joe trading cards.

His Instagram page is filled with several expensive things, such as private jets, Pokémon cards, wristwatches, etc. It also shows his generosity, as he regularly shares expensive gifts with his fans.

5 Keys to Success from Logan Paul

Logan Paul’s life is filled with inspiring moments and lessons for anyone seeking to succeed in any life endeavor.

But here are my five top success lessons from his life.

1. Explore Multiple Fronts

Change is a constant phenomenon. And there’s more than one door to enter into the hall of success. Logan exemplifies this principle in his career path.

He started as just a content creator focusing on Vine, then moved to YouTube. But he would not stop there. He has also explored other channels to reach his audience.

His podcast, boxing career, movie making, music, and Maverick merchandise are all different avenues to deliver content and engage his fan base.

And it’s not only about the audience; Logan also makes money from all these platforms.

“I want to be the biggest entertainer in the world. That’s my deal. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that.”

Logan Paul

2. Be Bigger Than Your Challenges

Logan Paul’s life is filled with several setbacks and challenges. He had multiple injuries from playing football in high school, dropped out of college, moved to a new city, was criticized, and hated for some of his content.

Yet, he rose above all these to become who he is today. He constantly improved himself, accepted and apologized for his mistakes, learned from his challenges, and continued to stay true to his path.

 “If you can take a hit in the face and get back up and learn from that, then that is a WIN.”

Logan Paul

3. Be true to yourself

Logan understands himself and why he acts. He is very competitive, but he knows the person he has to beat is himself.

This is one of the reasons for his numerous successes and triumphs. In the heat of his controversial videos of 2017-2018, he accepted responsibility and asked his fans not to defend him.

He was genuine, and he came back stronger and better.

“If you can be yourself and people like you, you’re golden.”

Logan Paul

4. Tough time Don’t Last

If you are going through some challenges right now, whether, in your business or your personal life, it will definitely pass.

What you do during this period will decide how you bounce back. Resilience is one of the attributes of successful entrepreneurs. Logan captures this in his life.

With each passing crisis, he lay low, got his act in order, waited it out, and bounced back better.

“One of the things I’m learning is that crisis passes, and for anyone suffering, I think it’s important to know that.”

Logan Paul

5. Focus on your Goals

This is another thing I liked about Logan. Despite his successes and failures, he keeps pushing the limits of what he can do.

He always finds a way to stay on course and bring happiness to his audience. He remains steadfast in his goal of being the ultimate entertainer.

”Do you remember who you are before the world told you who you should be.”

Logan Paul

Logan Paul Motivational Video

Logan Paul is not your typical motivational speaker. His life and his story are enough motivation in themselves.

Just watch this POWERFUL VIDEO to get a glimpse of what a journey his life has been:

Logan Paul Motivational Speech-I'M A WINNER (Be a Maverick)

In this video, he shared several details about his life, childhood, competitive instinct, and several hardships he had to contend with.

The most beautiful part to me was talking about the injuries he had as a 5th grader. His mum made him write a whole essay filled with affirmative statements.

Although he admitted that he was young and never fully understood the power of what he was doing back then, he continued. And his life has followed the path of those affirmations he always recites as a teenager.

This is not his only video you’ll find inspiring. There are several such motivational videos and short clips from his podcast on YouTube.

Famous Quotes from Logan Paul

Here are some famous Logan Paul quotes to inspire you:

“The goal with my content is always to entertain, to push the boundaries, to be all-inclusive in the world I live in.”

Logan Paul

“After all the stuff that I’ve been through, I’m trying to rebuild my brand and be true to who I am, and be authentic, and make the truest, realest content that I can.”

Logan Paul

“I will always run faster if there’s someone running next to me.”

Logan Paul

“There’s a difference between being culturally insensitive – being insensitive towards a culture – and being insensitive.”

Logan Paul

“It’s so easy for anyone to be like, ‘Logan Paul just ended his career. He’s done.’ But the only person who will ever decide whether that’s true is me. Like, if I sleep for the rest of my life, maybe.”

Logan Paul

“I want to be the biggest entertainer in the world. That’s my deal. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that.”

Logan Paul

“I will think twice in the future about what I post. Probably three times.”

Logan Paul

“I mean, astronomically, that one doesn’t even make sense. Because if you shoot for the moon, you’re not going to land on the stars. The moon is closer than all of the stars.”

Logan Paul

“No matter how many people want me to crawl in a hole and die forever, I’m not going to do that.”

Logan Paul

“Boxing has definitely allowed me to focus on something other than just creating content which I think we’ve seen historically can be so toxic.”

Logan Paul

Random Facts About Logan Paul

Here’s some random facts you may find interesting about Logan Paul:

  • Logan Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio, but he moved to Los Angeles after dropping out of college in 2014.
  • He achieved the rank of the Plain dealer’s All-Star linebacker for the Westlake high school football team in 2012.
  • He was also a wrestler in high school and Qualified for the state championships in 2013.
  • He majored in industrial engineering during his one-year stint at Ohio University.
  • Logan wrote the screenplay for the comedy film Airplane Mode, which he released in 2019.
  • He has red-green color blindness.
  • Logan dated popular actress Chloe Bennet in 2018. The relationship ended in September that year.
  • The name “Maverick” comes from his pet parrot.
  • He has long-term brain damage sustained from playing high school football, and he has a titanium chip in his head from the resulting surgery.
  • Long never won any match in his professional boxing career. He only fought once as a professional boxer and lost the bout.

Logan Paul Awards and Achievements

  • Number 10 most influential personality on Vine in 2015.
  • YouTube Creator Awards in the Silver, Gold, and Diamond categories for 2017
  • Teen Choice Awards for Male Web Star and Comedy Web Star categories in 2017.
  • The Streamy Awards for the best podcast in 2019.

Logan Paul Net Worth – FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Logan Paul net worth and his story.

Logan Alexander Paul is a popular YouTuber, actor, Internet celebrity, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and podcast host.

As of February 2022, Logan Paul’s net worth stands at $35 million.

Logan is famous for YouTube vlogging, Maverick Merchandise, Impaulsive Podcast, and his numerous controversies.

He is 6ft 2in (188cm) tall and has a hand reach of 76in (196cm)

Logan Paul is 26 years old. He was born on April 1, 1995.

For his fight with Floyd Mayweather, he weighed 189 pounds.

He has not come out to confirm any new relationship after breaking up with Josie Canseco in 2021.

Yes. Thinning, Airplane Mode, Space Between Us, Valley Girl are some movies he featured in.

Logan Paul promotes his brand on Instagram through his page, @LoganPaul.

Logan Paul tweets via the handle @LoganPaul 

His Facebook page also bears his name Logan Paul.

The Impaulsive podcast has its YouTube channel, but you can also listen on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

Although he made a wild and heavily criticized statement about going gay for a month, there’s no evidence to suggest that he is actually gay.

On the contrary, there are more reasons to believe that he is NOT GAY.

You can do that on Logan’s main YouTube channel.

Rumor has it Logan is currently dating Charly Jordan. Nothing has been confirmed.

The initial estimate was around $10million but his real earning from the fight is just over $5 million.

He presently lives in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Logan Paul is from USA. He was born in Westlake, Ohio.

Logan makes the bulk of his money from YouTube ads, merchandise sales, podcasts, and other sources like music, filmmaking, and live events.

He made a combined income of about $60 million in 2021.

Between $2-$5 million.

On average $10,000 – $20,000 for each video.

Logan Paul makes about $15,000 every day.

He has about 23.4 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and over 33 million subscribers and followers on all social media networks.

His posts range from personal encounters to wild pranks and crazy challenges.

Logan Paul Net Worth & Wiki Summary

What an inspiring way to build a career! Logan Paul is the definition of resilience, resolve, and reinvention.

He rose from a humble beginning to a highly successful career and a net worth of $35 million.

Does his story also inspire you? I’m inspired, and I want to know if you share similar views.

If yes, what do you find most inspiring about Logan Paul’s net worth and story?

Do you think he could have made more money without his controversial lifestyle?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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