If you want to build an online business based on selling a product, offering a service, and generating quality leads, there is no better person to learn from than Russell Brunson.  

Russell Brunson is a self-made millionaire, serial entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and a super successful internet marketer.

He went from being a junk mail collector to founding a multi-million dollar company, all before he was 40.

So, what is Russell Brunson net worth, and how did he build his wealth?

In this article, I’ll be answering all your questions while also telling you about his personal life.

What is Russell Brunson Net Worth in 2022?

Russell Brunson’s net worth currently stands at $40million. It accumulates earnings from his super successful software company, ClickFunnels, and other activities.

But how exactly did he attain that status, you might ask? Russell Brunson made his first million before graduating from college in 2006 and never looked back.

His journey was gradual but not without his fair share of life struggles.

He experimented with marketing various products while improving his skills and expertise.

While assisting others in selling their products and developing his own, he noticed a significant marketing challenge.

He noticed that most businesses have trouble portraying their message to attract the right audience.

As a result, he came up with the concept of sales funnel software, which he turned into a business.


Russell Brunson




United States

Date of Birth

March 8th, 1980


42 years





Net worth



Collette Brunson

Who Is Russell Brunson? Life Story and Wiki

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur and a well-known digital marketer. Over the last few years, he has worked extensively to create an empire of hundreds of business owners.

He is also a New York Times and Amazon best-selling author.

Russell co-founded ClickFunnels, a startup that assists tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in launching their businesses.

Within three years of founding the company, it grew into a $360 million business and became the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company globally.

Russell Brunson in Numbers

Early Life of Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson was born on March 8th, 1980, in Utah. He spent his childhood around the neighborhood and attended Boise State University.

Russell Brunson grew up with a business mind. He found commercials from television and radio very fascinating from a young age, which influenced him towards marketing and sales.

He started collecting junk mail at the tender age of 12. This sole activity proved to be instrumental in his further business endeavors as he became a master of direct response marketing.

Russell Brunson learned vital life lessons very early in life through the art of wrestling.

He was a state champion wrestler in high school and received honors at the national levels.

By the time he graduated from Boise state university in 2006, he was one of the top ten wrestlers in the country.

He often attributes his discipline, work ethic, competitive spirit, and winning attitude to his early days as a wrestler.

Here is a video of Russell practicing:

That one where we left early for Wrestling Practice. Funnel Hacker TV - Episode 18


Russell Brunson dabbled in a variety of activities as a college student. He began his career as a digital marketer by selling ZipBrander software.

The software is a marketing tool that helps people generate traffic and boost conversions.

However, it wasn’t until after he graduated from college that he decided to pursue a career as a full-time entrepreneur.

He produced an instructional course on “How to Make a Potato Gun” in his early days. He sold this on DVD with a further option of buying other accessory kits for making the potato gun.

His exploits with sales and marketing were not limited to only the potato canon tool kit.

He also tried selling supplements, coupons, t-shirts, software, books, coaching, consulting, and network marketing.

He made a name for himself as a digital marketer from these humble beginnings. His sales experience reached the peak in the sales funnel concept and led him to create his widely acclaimed sales funnel software, ClickFunnels.  

Personal Life

Away from his life as a successful entrepreneur, Russell loves spending time with his family.

He has a beautiful wife, Collete Brunson, whom he met in college. The couple has 5 children and enjoys private times in their family home.

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Russell Brunson Family

Through his company, he contributes to charitable and community development causes.

Russell’s ClickFunnels purpose extends to non-profit groups such as Village Impact, where every new funnel launched within the ClickFunnels community equals a $1.00 donation to help build schools in Africa.

In addition, ClickFunnels created a documentary for Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit that saves children from sex trafficking worldwide.

Russell Brunson Highlights

Russell Brunson’s life is filled with several turning points that put his life on the right trajectory and set him on a course toward success.

But I think these five markers are evidence and high points of his life and career:

  • Becoming an all-American and winning a silver medal as a wrestler in High school nationals. This made him eligible for a college scholarship.
  • Marrying his college darling in 2002. He refers to her as the foundation of his personal life.
  • Graduating from college in 2006 as one of the top ten wrestlers in the country.
  • Collecting 1.5 million leads as a network marketer and winning a Ferrari while doing it.
  • Founding his ClickFunnels software company in 2014. This has the most significant impact on his career and is his primary cash machine.

How Russell Brunson Built His Net Worth & Wealth

Yes, most of his wealth comes from his software company, ClickFunnels. But that is not the only thing that helped him build his $40 million net worth.

He also has some other business ventures you likely know nothing about.

1. ClickFunnels

In 2014, Russell Brunson started his software company, ClickFunnels, with Todd Dickerson.

ClickFunnels is a SaaS company that has helped over 120,000 customers grow their online businesses.

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Clickfunnels

The company has recorded enormous success from its inception and has been recognized as one of the leading non-venture-backed software companies in the world.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a software that helps businesses perform all the sales functions necessary to sell their products—from lead generation to email collection, selling a product, promoting a live event, and running webinars.

ClickFunnels serves as an integrated marketing platform where everything sales take place.

With this tool, every digital entrepreneur can take charge of their marketing actions and generate more sales.

If you have ever tried creating a startup, you’ll agree with me that building a successful company can be daunting.

You work your ass off to create something, and at the end of the day, it flops due to a lack of acceptance. Or it might even gain traction for a few months, and then the orders stop coming.

So, how did ClickFunnels become so popular despite being self-funded?  

The answer lies in the enormous value the product creates for end users. The software revolutionized the art of selling online.

Business owners face a series of problems in marketing their products.

Attracting the right traffic, generating quality leads, sending personalized sales copy, designing a sales platform, promoting the products through webinars, and offering up-and-down sales are all critical pain points.

Now, imagine a single software doing all these to great effectiveness and precision, all in a matter of minutes.

That’s the value ClickFunnels offers, and that’s the main reason for its popularity.

Another critical point that makes ClickFunnels so popular is the power of advertising. Russell created a rigorous advertising campaign for his product.

He used his experience as a network marketer to create a robust affiliate marketing program that made the scaling of ClickFunnels a walk in the park.

Also, he leveraged his social media platforms to market his product through ads.

As if all these were not enough to promote his brand, he created many other products based on the original sales funnel idea.

His books, conferences, podcasts, summits, and speaking engagements can be considered off-shoots of his sales funnel marketing idea.

It is not about the thing, but the marketing of the thing

Russell Brunson
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2. Russell Brunson Books

Some of Russell’s wealth also comes from his work as an author. Several of his books are New York Times and Amazon bestsellers.

You must be publishing, or you’ll never become relevant

Russell Brunson

He has published four books by himself and also served as co-author on some other books.

DotCom Secrets

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Dotcom Secrets Book

The DotCom Secrets book is Russell Brunson’s first as an author, and it was first published in February 2015.

The book is a product of his years of experimenting with various split tests while selling multiple products.

This book demonstrates the secrets to generating leads and selling any product or service.

This book is beneficial if you are starting out and want to build your customer base through an effective sales funnel.

DotCom Secrets is a USA Today and Amazon bestseller, with over 250,000 copies sold.

And what more? The book is entirely free, despite not being an ebook. All it will cost you to have a copy is the shipping fee.

This is one of Russell Brunson’s sales clues. He believes you have to give out your best ideas for free.

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The DotCom Secrets book by Russell Brunson provides a step-by-step blueprint for growing a successful business — whether online or offline.

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Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Expert Secrets Book

Most entrepreneurs struggle to get their message across to their prospective customers.

The Expert Secrets book highlights the importance of brand voice and sales message in building your customer base and propelling your career to the next level.

In this book, Russell gives a sequential approach and various tactics to turn your expertise into a powerful sales message your customers can quickly identify with.

Instead of focusing on your customers’ pains, fears, and failures, the book teaches you to focus on their goals and hopes.

The book’s ultimate aim is to help you turn online visitors into lifetime customers and brand ambassadors.

Expert Secrets was published in 2017 and has sold over 225,000 copies.

Expert Secrets Book
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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is the practical playbook for becoming an expert, finding your voice, creating a mass movement of people, and sharing your message with people who will gladly pay for it.

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Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Traffic Secrets Book

Yes, you guessed right! The Traffic Secrets book is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling book with over 150,000 copies sold.

Here, Russell Brunson shared his direct marketing techniques to help you attract the right kind of customers to your business.

If you are just starting out or you already have a funnel, but traffic generation seems to be a problem, then this book is just perfect for you.

Traffic Secrets will help you stay on top of trends and see business opportunities in developing markets before they become saturated.

After reading this book and applying the strategies it contains, generating the right amount of traffic will no longer be your problem.

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The Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson shows the simple step-by-step process that he has used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to his sites every month.

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Network Marketing Secrets

Russell Brunson Net Worth - Network Marketing Secrets Book

Russell Brunson is a top-notch network marketer. He achieved excellence with numerous network marketing companies, and he won a Ferrari for doing so.

This makes Russell the ideal person to tell you the intricacies of growing your network marketing skills.

In the Network Marketing Secrets book, he shares his secrets of attracting only the right people who are so super interested in your brand that they are the ones begging to do business with you.

The book will help you avoid distractions and focus only on customers that are head-over-hills already about your brand.

108 Proven Split Test Winners

The 108 Proven Split Test Winners book is filled with actionable tips you can apply to your website to boost conversions.

The basis for this book is the thousands of tests done at ClickFunnels.

With this book, you don’t have to spend much time and money learning and cutting through the thick of what works and what does not.

The book teaches the exact elements of landing pages vital to increasing conversion.

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

The book serves as a manual for beginners seeking to grow their business while shortening the learning and testing curve.

The book describes how the ClickFunnels software works and how to make the most of it using tested templates.

In this Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, you’ll find recipes for building high-converting funnels for your business.

The book is available in PDF format for free.

3. Online Courses & Membership Sites

Online courses are a money-making avenue for most influencers and expert marketers these days.

Russell Brunson has to his credit numerous online courses where he teaches his marketing secrets.

Russell has got you covered, whether you are a beginner seeking to learn the ropes or an expert wanting to know more.

His courses are informative, entertaining, and inspirational. Some of his classes are paid, while you can get others for free.

One Funnel Away Challenge

Russell Brunson Net Worth - One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge is the most popular course offered by Russell Brunson and his ClickFunnels team.

It is the right course to take if you are a beginner just getting started with sales funnels and Clickfunnels.

With $100, you get access to lots of various speakers and experts who will share their tips on how to go from zero to a money making business in 30 days.

Some of the experts featured in the course include Spencer Mecham, Julie Stoian, to name a few.

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One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training course that takes you step-by-step through the process of building and launching a high-performing funnel.

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Funnel Hacking Secret Masterclass

Russell specifically created this course for those who seek to conquer the digital marketing world.

This is not only a learning opportunity; the course gives you direct access to the marketing guru and his most powerful strategies.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn everything there is to know on how you can build a highly converting sales funnel for your brand.

The course costs $997, and it comes with six months of free access to ClickFunnels Platinum.

Funnel Builder Secrets

This is one of the most comprehensive Russell Brunson courses available.

The course teaches the art of creating sales funnels in great detail. You’ll learn how to create your funnel, write copy, and drive traffic to fill your funnel.

With this course, you’ll also get access to the next One Funnel Away LIVE coaching program, massive discounts on ClickFunnels Platinum, and many other benefits. You get access to all these at a one-time fee of $1997.

Funnel Builder Secrets

The Funnel Builder Secrets training course by Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels is everything you need to go from absolute beginner to sales funnel master in the shortest time possible.

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Funnelflix is a membership site that offers a variety of video courses and training to help you on your journey to becoming a marketing expert.

It has a collection of courses on copywriting, sales funnel, business strategy, marketing, etc.

It is the very best resource you will need if you are new to marketing or the realm of sales funnels. Even if you’re an expert, you’ll find the resources helpful.

The only cost to gain access is the cost of your ClickFunnels subscription.

The Basic package is your pass, but the Platinum plan gives you full access to all video courses on FunnelFlix.

Perfect Webinar Secrets

Webinars are vital to any marketing endeavor and sales funnel strategy. This is why Russell teaches how to create the perfect webinar in this course.

When used skillfully, webinars can help you sell your products like never before. And this is where Russell shares his secrets for creating highly converting webinars.

The course costs just $7, but the value it offers makes you want to pay more to get it.

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Perfect Webinar Script by Russell Brunson is a proven template that you can use to engage your audience on a webinar and as a result make more sales. 

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4. Online Summits

Russell Brunson’s online summits are like an extension of his courses. They are mostly free and usually available for three days.

Here are some of his best summits.

30 Days Summit

Russell Brunson offers the 30-day summit to challenge you to implement his strategies for 30 days.

The summit helps you avoid learning paralysis, where you consume all the available tips, techniques, and tactics without implementing any.

Through this platform, you get access to the strategies of 30 top-funnel builders. They explain what works for them and how they have used ClickFunnels to scale their business.

The summit is one of his product upgrades when opening a ClickFunnels account.

30 Days Summit
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Affiliate Bootcamp

One of the reasons why ClickFunnels is so popular is Russell’s strong affiliate program.

Russell interviewed his most successful affiliate partners to learn about their deployed strategies at this summit.

In this summit, you’ll learn how to create an affiliate marketing platform from scratch without any extensive list.

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ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp
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The Affiliate Bootcamp is a course / virtual summit created by ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson, and it helps people take their affiliate marketing skills to the next level.

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DotCom Secrets Summit

Over the years, many people achieved untold success from Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets.

In this summit, these successful entrepreneurs share their success stories, mistakes, and overall experience with their startups.  

The course is short and aimed at those just finding their feet in the digital entrepreneurship space.

If you find it challenging to implement the strategies Russell shares due to some perceived challenges, this summit will motivate you to get started.

DotCom Secrets Summit
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Brick & Mortar Summit

If you run a traditional business without much online presence, Russell Brunson also has something for you.

Let’s say you run a local coffee shop, grocery store, dental clinic, beauty spa, or any other brick and mortar business; you can profit immensely from this summit.

In the Brick & Mortar Summit, 15 successful brick-and-mortar business owners share their sales funnel strategies and how they achieved success through them.

Brick & Mortar Funnels Summit
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5. Affiliate Marketing

Russell Brunson also earns some money from the affiliate market. He has a unique funnel for affiliate programs in the ClickFunnels model.

He also uses his webinars as an affiliate platform. In one of his webinars, he made over $250,000 in commission.

6. Speaking and consulting

Most brand influencers leverage their expertise honed over the years as public speakers or through podcasts.

Russell Brunson also does the same, and it is one of his money-making avenues.

His speaking and consulting gigs come in five categories, and here’s how much he charges for each.

  • Lunch: to pick his brain. It starts at $10,000 and must be at a location in Boise.
  • Speaking Engagements: the higher amount of $500,000 or 50% back of room sales
  • Speaking Engagements (No Selling): He charges $500,000 as a speaking fee with the addition of travel and other expenses.
  • Building a Funnel: $1 million and 25% of gross sales of the funnel (for the lifetime of the funnel).

A caveat here is that he only works with existing businesses that have generated at least $3 million in annual sales.

  • Expert Secrets: Here, he offers direct consultation for those who want to learn how to grow their internet marketing business.

You’ll agree with me that his speaking and consulting engagements seem to be highly priced.

Despite that fact, many business owners and companies still pay the sum to hear what he has to say. That’s the power of being an expert influencer and trusted authority in your industry.

An example is Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con that earned him a whopping $3 million in less than two hours.

Here’s Russell’s 3 Million Dollar Presentation:

10X Growth Con  Russell Brunson 3 Million Dollar Presentation

7. Masterminds & Coaching

Russell Brunson also offers various mastermind and coaching programs that contribute to his net worth.

His Two Comma Club coaching gives you hands-on experience on how you can get to where you want from where you are.

The coaching program is divided into two parts; the Home Study Version and the Intensive In-Person Workshop. The former costs $1,997, while the latter is $14,997.

Russell also has a mastermind group called Inner Circle, where he engages an exclusive group of entrepreneurs. The group allows only a hundred individuals at a given time.

8. Events / Conferences

Russell also makes some of his money through events and conferences.

Funnel Hacking Live

Funnel Hacking Live is an annual event put together by Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team.

The networking and marketing event brings together various professionals to share their funnel-building tactics.

The event lasts for three days, costs $997, and has up to five thousand people in attendance.

Now do the math; that’s a massive $4,975,000.

5 Keys to Success from Russell Brunson

There are many lessons and success hacks to learn from a successful entrepreneur and self-made millionaires like Russell Brunson.

But here are the top five lessons I think are vital from his success story:

#1 Think big

I know this might sound cliché, but it is one of the time-tested pieces of advice that helped Russell Brunson.

During his early years of selling several products, he knew that was not where he wanted to be.

He studied the business environment and its challenges, learning, and experimenting until he arrived at ClickFunnels.

And he did all that without taking any venture capital. I’m sure it must have taken a huge sense of belief and big thinking.

He once said: “I’m a BIG PATTERN guy: if I see a pattern, I look at the pieces to understand the elements of the movement. Then, I know how to amplify it.

#2 Focus on your Genius

Many entrepreneurs try to run various business ideas all at once.

Not Russell Brunson. As a marketer, he revolutionized the concept of sales funnels and has always stuck to that idea ever since.

His podcasts, books, courses, summits, conferences, and even his multimillion-dollar company all revolve around that idea.

Although it works for some, you absolutely don’t need dozens of ideas to make your desired breakthrough. Find that one idea and stick to it all the way.

#3 Have a mentor

Russell’s immense success did not come overnight. When he was starting up, he leveraged the knowledge of others to move in exponential steps.

He was greatly influenced by Dan Kennedy, a business coach and adviser who has influenced thousands of entrepreneurs through his conferences and boot camps.

Later, he also got the mentorship of Mark Joyner, the founder and CEO of Simpleology.

If you also want to go far in your desired business pursuit, get a mentor.

#4 Offer Lots of Freebies

Ever wonder why most Russell Brunson courses, books, and virtual events are free?

This is one of his marketing geniuses. He gives people great value for free, and in return, they are willing to pay for his products.

Hear from the man himself:

“Your customers are on your side, so long as you are not trying to hide stuff from them.”

“My lead funnel gives away 99 marketing secrets in a free ebook.”

Russell Brunson

#5 Be available and visible on media platforms

You can’t be a business owner or marketer in this age and not market your brand through social media.

Russell Brunson understands the power of social media, and he uses it to the fullest.

His ads are all over Facebook, he has a large following on Instagram, and it’s pretty much the same for all other platforms too.

Random Facts About Russell Brunson

Here’s some random facts you may find interesting about Russell Brunson:

  • Russel Brunson was born in Provo, Utah, but his family moved to Sandy, Utah, where he grew up with his other siblings.
  • Russell Brunson was a state champion wrestler in high school, and he placed second at the national level during his senior year.
  • He has a Bachelor’s Degree in applied science From Boise State University, where he graduated in 2016.
  • He is married to Collette Brunson, whom he met while still in college. The couple lives with their five children in Boise, Idaho.
  • Russell Brunson is a New York Times best-selling author.
  • One of Russell’s life missions is giving to charity. He gives $1 to build schools in Africa for every funnel that goes live.

Russell Brunson Awards & Achievements

Russel Brunson has helped hundreds of people become millionaires.

His work is appreciated, and in 2018, he won the Silver Stevie Award for entrepreneur of the year.

He also won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2020.

Famous Russell Brunson Quotes

Russell Brunson’s famous quotes about entrepreneurship, marketing, and life goals:

Whatever you do, don’t stop believing in your mission. Because everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to. And sometimes even better than you can imagine.”  

Russell Brunson

Our job as marketers is to break people’s false beliefs

Russell Brunson

No longer would people only buy when they needed something; now advertisers had the ability to create desire and sell people stuff that they wanted.

Russell Brunson

The life you want, the marriage you want, the family you want, are going to be fueled by the business you build.

Russell Brunson

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Russell Brunson

When you are in the process of setting up your goals, make it clear, vivid, and so real that you would go through anything to accomplish them.

Russell Brunson

Be the kind of customer you want to attract, and be the kind of buyer you want to have.

Russell Brunson

People who pay, pay attention.

Russell Brunson

Pay attention the next time you’re scrolling to what hooks grab your attention. Why did you stop? Why did you click play? What did the hook say, and how did it make you feel? Answering these questions will help you to become amazing at developing hooks.

Russell Brunson

That is the first question you need to ask inside of the secret formula: Who is your dream customer?

Russell Brunson

Offer: The hook gets your customers’ attention, the story creates desire, and the last step of every message, post, email, and video is the offer.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson Net Worth – FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Russell Brunson and his net worth.

Russell Brunson is an internet entrepreneur, best-selling author, business coach, and speaker.

He is widely known in the internet marketing space for popularizing the idea of a sales funnel.

He co-founded the software venture ClickFunnels, in 2014 and has helped several achieve millionaire status.

Well, as I’m writing this article, Russell Brunson is 42 years old (his birthday is March 8th).

He lives with his family in Boise, Idaho. Sounds familiar, right? He seems to have a thing for the neighborhood.

Russell talks about exciting business topics through his podcast.

Subjects such as funnel hacking, sales messaging, building a business brand, and online entrepreneurship are well covered in his podcast.

His podcast is named Marketing Secrets. It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, YouTube, and other channels.

Russell Brunson has a YouTube channel where he communicates about digital marketing and brand building.  

His youtube channel goes by the name “Russell Brunson – ClickFunnels.”

Russell Brunson is definitely not a scam. I find it surprising that people are asking this question. Well, Russell Brunson is as genuine as it comes.

While there are many ‘fake it, till you make it” entrepreneurs out there, Russell’s story and journey to wealth creation is as accurate as it comes.

Russel has to his credits amazing books about digital marketing. His top books are the Secret Trilogy: DotCom Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Expert Secrets.

His other books include 108 Proven Split Test Winners, Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, and Network Marketing Secrets.

Who is Russell Brunson’s Wife?

Russell Brunson is married to Collete Brunson. They met in college and have been married since 2002.

As of February 2022, Russell Brunson’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

Russell is a successful internet entrepreneur, and most of his money comes from his company, ClickFunnels.

Take a guess, and you won’t be far from the right answer. ClickFunnels has its headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

Yes, Russell Brunson is a practising member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

As a child, he was raised in a Mormon household. He talks about his spirituality in some of his speaking engagements and podcasts.

Russell Brunson is a very private person and is not known for flaunting his wealth or living a flamboyant lifestyle.

He spent quite a sum of money buying his current home in Boise, Idaho, where he lives with his family.

He also spends a lot on his business pursuits. His company, ClickFunnels, is a non-venture backed company that is mainly self-funded.

A part of his money also goes to charitable courses through non-governmental organizations.  

Russell Brunson Net Worth & Wiki Summary

What a beautiful and inspiring story. That is how Russell Brunson built his net worth of $40 million.

The incredible thing is that you can follow his steps to achieve a similar outcome.

Are you ready for that? I’d like to hear from you below.

What precisely about Russell Brunson net worth and story inspires you?

Do you have any successful entrepreneurs you want me to write about? Let me know in the comments below.

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