This is the ultimate guide to the best sales funnel software and builders.

A solid sales funnel builder is an essential tool to use in any online business.

A high converting funnel is really something you can’t do without if you want to market and sell your products online, and do it at scale.  

Online business owners have known this for quite some time now, and that’s why sales funnel builders have grown in popularity in the past few years, and will continue to do so for some time to come.

But with more choice, comes more confusion.

How are you to navigate all the options out there?

How can you pick the best sales funnel builder and software for you and your business?

This is what this in-depth guide is all about. 

It’s the result of my experience managing all kinds of sales funnels for my online business. It’s my best advice to help you choose the best platform for your needs.

Excited? Then let’s get started!

What Are The Best Sales Funnel Software And Builders?

Picking the best sales funnel software is really a tough call.

There’s a lot that goes into play in this decision, and I’ve got further resources below to help you along the journey.

The first is a comprehensive list of 23 among the top sales funnel builders out there, each briefly reviewed and described.

You’ll see that my top recommendations are ClickFunnels, Kartra and Thrive Architect.

There are also some new sales funnel tools like that I think will be really good as they improve over time.

More on those below: but those are definitely options that stand out in this list, and are tools I’ve used time and time again to grow my business to where it is today. 

Following the reviews is a list of questions and insights on all things sales funnel builders. 

I’ve condensed all that I know about these essential tools into one massive guide.

This is it.

So without further ado, let’s look at the best sales funnel builders for 2023 and beyond

Sales Funnel Builders Comparison Guide

Here are my picks for the 23 sales funnel software tools and builders to use to create your sales funnels.

After the quick navigation, you’ll find an in-depth review of each tool. Enjoy!

  1. ClickFunnels
  2. Kartra
  3. Thrive Architect (by Thrive Themes)
  5. LeadPages
  6. ThriveCart
  7. SamCart
  8. PayKickstart
  9. Instapage
  10. Landingi
  11. Unbounce
  13. ConvertKit
  14. Divi
  15. Elementor Pro
  16. GetResponse Autofunnel
  17. Convertri
  18. Kajabi
  19. Wishpond
  20. CartFlows

1. ClickFunnels

Best Sales Funnel Software - Clickfunnels

If you’re an online marketer or entrepreneur, chances are you will have heard of ClickFunnels at some points.

As far as sales funnel builders go, it’s pretty much the industry standard.

Its features in this realm are second to none. With it, you can easily create functioning (and advanced) funnels with a click of a button. 

It allows you to customise your pages, send and collect emails, and so much more.

What’s even better is that unlike many other tools, ClickFunnels is a real ‘all-in-one’ solution.

You can manage all of your funnels, email marketing and much more, all in one place. 

The platform is used by thousands of marketers, and it really does perform really well in a variety of situations, even the most complex ones.

That being said, it has so many features, mastering all of them might take some time, and could ultimately be somewhat distracting.

The price point, lastly, isn’t particularly cheap: ClickFunnels is definitely an extremely capable tool, but all of that power does come at a cost.

You can check out my full review of ClickFunnels here.

Who Is ClickFunnels For?

ClickFunnels is a great ‘all-in-one’ solution for quite advanced users who need a powerhouse of marketing features at their disposal. 

As far as sales funnel software goes, it’s probably the best in the game. 

It’s suitable for all kinds of businesses, but the quite hefty price and the slightly steeper learning curve make it fairly unsuitable for beginners. 

Key Features of ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Builder

  • Simple Drag and Drop Builder
  • Pre-built customizable templates
  • Affiliate management software
  • Membership site creator
  • A/B Split testing
  • Email and Facebook Marketing Automation
  • Advanced customization tools
  • FunnelFlix” training resources
  • Also offers a WordPress plugin


  • Great ‘all-in-one’ solution
  • Easy to use “drag n drop” page builder
  • In-depth analytics with A/B split testing
  • Great marketing features overall 
  • Good email automation tool (“Follow-up Funnels”). Other email providers can also be integrated.
  • Funnels can be shared (with other ClickFunnels users)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Great training and knowledge-base


  • Steeper learning curve if you want to master all of its functionalities
  • Doesn’t support third-party hosting
  • Expensive for ClickFunnels Platinum Plan, especially for beginners
  • Lower plan has some limitations
  • No 24/7 support


ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. 

When that is over, you have two different plans to choose from, each billed on a monthly basis. 

The main difference lies in the number of funnels and pages you can create with each plan. 

One thing to note is that with both plans you can share funnels with others. 

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Clickfunnels Pricing

Standard Plan: $97/month (20 funnels and 100 pages max). No “Follow-up Funnels” feature.

Platinum Plan: $297/month (unlimited funnels and pages).

You can get started with a free 14-day trial period, then decide if you want to continue using the sales funnel builder.

Best For Sales Funnels
Free 14-Day Trial

ClickFunnels is a popular all-in-one sales funnel and marketing platform. It gives you everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your products and services online – without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

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2. Kartra

Best Sales Funnel Software - Kartra

Not many tools can basically cover all your marketing needs in one place.

Just like ClickFunnels, Kartra is one of those platforms. The two tools are often compared, but there are some key differences.

ClickFunnels is much more focused on funnels alone, while Kartra is a real ‘swiff-knife’ full of features.

The best thing about it as a sales funnel software is the ease with which everything connects.

You can build the pages in the funnel, link them together, segment your customers, track your results and much more, all under the same roof.

There’s basically no need for third-party software: it’s not surprising that Kartra doesn’t offer a long list of integrations with other tools!

Who Is Kartra For?

Kartra is a suite of tools that combines a variety of functions.

All its capabilities are very well linked together, making it one of the best all-in-one solutions out there for building and running sales funnels.

If you wanted, you could basically use Kartra to run your whole business and probably won’t be disappointed. 

The pricing plans are a little costly, but that’s quite justified by the enormous amount of stuff you get, even at starter level.  

Key Features of Kartra Sales Funnel Software

  • Drag-and-drop page-builder
  • Sequence builder
  • “IF this / THEN that” automations
  • Incorporates email marketing platform
  • Lead tagging and segmenting
  • “Plug and play” pre-made funnels
  • Import and export campaigns
  • Campaign marketplace


  • Great ‘all-in-one’ platform
  • Pro-looking templates for pages in the funnel
  • Will host videos (but check your plan’s max bandwidth)
  • Great knowledge-base (“Kartra Academy”)


  • Not the simplest tool to use overall
  • No bulk uploading
  • Limits video bandwidth usage
  • List of third-party integrations is still quite limited (but it’s growing)


Kartra offers four different plans with either monthly or annual billing (25% discount).

Interestingly, the “Kartra Funnels” comes standard in every plan, even the lowest ones.

The main differences between each tier are in the number of leads you are allowed.

The lowest “Starter” plan has limitations on the max number of pages and products you are allowed.

Here’s a full breakdown of Kartra’s pricing structure:

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Kartra

Starter Plan: $99/month or $79/month (billed annually). Max 2,500 leads, 100 pages and 20 products.

Silver Plan: $199/month or $149/month (billed annually). Up to 12,500 leads, unlimited pages and products

Gold Plan: $299/month or $229/month (billed annually). Up to 25,000 leads, unlimited pages and unlimited products

Platinum Plan: $499/month or $379/month (billed annually). Max 50,000 leads, unlimited pages and unlimited products.

 You can get started with a free 14-day trial period, then decide if you want to continue using the sales funnel software!

All-In-One Marketing Suite
14-Day $1 Trial

Kartra is an all-round marketing software platform that simplifies every aspect of your online business.

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3. Thrive Architect (by Thrive Themes)

Best Sales Funnel Software - Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect, in essence, is a WordPress Plugin that helps you build web pages exactly as you want them, without using the default WordPress editor (my site is built with it).

It’s a ‘WYSIWYG’ (What You See Is What You Get) tool: it allows you can make changes to your pages and see them ‘happen’ in real time, just like painting on a canvas. 

So why does it appear in a list of the best sales funnel software?

Great question. You see, what Thrive Architect lets you do is to create professional looking pages. When those pages are linked together, you get a powerful sales funnel.

And with Thrive Themes being one of the best players out there when it comes to page editors (and now also theme builders), it simply had to be featured in this list. 

There is one difference with tools like Kartra or ClickFunnels, though.

Those platforms are built to be ‘funnel builders’: once you create your pages, you are able to build your whole funnel inside the software and have all the elements you need at your disposal.

With Thrive Architect, you will need to ‘link’ the pages together yourself, which requires a little work and the help of other integrations (such as email marketing platforms and shopping cart software).

But this doesn’t mean the funnels you build with Thrive Architect will be less effective: quite the opposite.

You have total control and the flexibility this type of solution gives you is much greater than what you get in all-in-one solutions. 

One final note: the pricing for the ‘full’ Thrive Membership (which includes Architect) is incredibly low for all the tools you get. It’s definitely an option to consider. 

Who Is Thrive Architect For?

Thrive Architect is a great option that will probably come in handy at some point in your business, even after you’ve created your funnels.

Their page builder feature is one of the best out there, and if you go with the whole suite of plugins (Thrive Themes membership), you’ll get a wide variety of tools at a super low price.

But Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder, not a sales funnel software per se. 

This means you will need to be at least a little tech-savvy to connect all the pieces of the puzzle once you’ve built your pages. This might scare off some of the absolute beginners out there. 

Key Features

  • Instant drag-and-drop page editing
  • Over 300 pre-built page templates
  • Conversion-focused elements (buttons, countdown timers, etc.)
  • Page A/B testing
  • Fully mobile-responsive 
  • Real-time preview of pages on different screen sizes
  • Dynamic animations and actions
  • Great ‘native’ integrations


  • Extremely intuitive backend and UI
  • Customization options for pages are virtually endless
  • Great pre-made page templates you can combine into funnels
  • Endless list of integrations
  • Constantly updated
  • Great knowledge-base (“Thrive University”)
  • Excellent support
  • Super-competitive pricing


  • Creating a fully functioning funnel will require a little learning beforehand on how to connect all the moving parts together.
  • Some templates look a little dated 
  • A few glitches here and there


Thrive Architect can be bought as a standalone product or as part of a “Thrive Membership”, which includes the full suite of Thrive’s products and plugins.

The “Thrive Themes Membership” package is $19/month (paid annually).

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Thrive Architect

You have two options to purchase Thrive Architect as a standalone product. 

Single Licence: $67/one time. Use on max 1 website. Full set of features.

5 Licence Pack: $97/one time. Use on max 5 websites. Full set of features. 

Best Marketing Suite For WordPress Users
Thrive Suite

The Thrive Suite by Thrive Themes provide premium WordPress tools for business builders and startups. Create awesome websites, build landing pages, and make your business thrive!

Try Thrive Suite
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Best Sales Funnel Software - Groovefunnels

Groove (rebranded from GrooveFunnels) is one of the ‘new kids on the block’ when it comes to sales funnel software. 

Actually, the platform is much more than just that. It offers an incredible array of features and built-in apps that make it a serious competitor that’s right up there with the likes of ClickFunnels and Kartra.

The tools is still being developed and new capabilities are added all the time.

But when it comes to ‘all-in-one’ solutions, this is definitely a promising new product. 

GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo and more coming later on as well.

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Groovefunnels Products

Groove allows can create pretty complex funnels, and the fact that it integrates so many other functionalities makes it great if you want to manage all of your marketing in one place.

Who Is Groove For?

Groove is a great sales funnel software that offers much more than a ‘simple’ funnel builder.

It’s great for solopreneurs and small businesses alike, and if you’re selling digital products and courses, it’s a solid option you should consider.

Key Features of Groove Sales Funnel Builder

  • Drag-and-Drop page editor
  • Extensive suite of ‘add-on’ products
  • Pop-ups
  • Expertly designed templates
  • Free bandwidth and hosting
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Website builder
  • Powerful affiliate program
  • Membership platform
  • Email marketing platform
  • Shopping cart system
  • Video hosting
  • A/B Testing
  • Countdown timers
  • Various Integrations
  • ​Royalty Free Images


  • Great all-in-one platform
  • Extremely vast set of features
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited funnels, custom domains and websites
  • Free hosting included
  • Good pricing (lifetime deal)


  • Choice of templates still a little thin
  • A few bugs as the software is still being developed
  • Not as ‘refined’ as more established solutions


GrooveSell (which is part of their suite of products).

If you’d like to get the full suite of all GrooveFunnels products and more functionality they have an awesome lifetime deal available, which you can take advantage of after signing up for your free account.
Free & Paid Plan
Try Groove My Review
I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

5. Leadpages

Best Sales Funnel Software - Leadpages

LeadPages is one of the best landing page builders out there and is often compared to ClickFunnels and other sales funnel builders.

When it comes to creating landing pages and lead generation, the platform has been in the game for quite some time and is now really sophisticated and feature-rich. 

That said, it is still not a ‘real’ sales funnel software: you will definitely be able to create your fully functioning sales funnel using LeadPages, but you’ll need to do some work to combine the different pages and integrate with other tools as well.

Integrations will be essential (an email marketing and shopping cart solution, at least), so using LeadPages as a ClickFunnels or Kartra alternative might not be the best option if you’re looking for an all-in-one sales funnel builder.

You can check out my full comparison review of LeadPages vs ClickFunnels here.

Who Is LeadPages For?

LeadPages is great for all types of businesses and is an easy-to-use solution for creating and customizing pages.

It’s not an all-in-one sales funnel software tool, though. It will need a little tweaking on your part if you want to create a functioning funnel by integrating LeadPages with other essential tools.

Key Features of LeadPages 

  • Can create landing pages, popups, alert-bars and even whole websites
  • Pre-made templates
  • Real-time tutorials to help with page creation
  • A/B testing
  • (Simplified) analytics
  • Fully hosted
  • SSL encryption
  • Numerous integrations
  • Email trigger links


  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Great templates (sorted by conversion-rate!)
  • All plans support unlimited leads
  • Fair price


  • Templates are great, but there’s few to choose from
  • Not an ‘all-in-one’ sales funnel software: doesn’t include email marketing or automations
  • Shopping cart is a third-party integration


LeadPages offers a 14-day free trial.

There are three plans to choose from, each billed on a monthly or yearly basis (39% discount and a free domain).

Plans differ based on features, but all tiers include unlimited landing pages, unlimited pop-ups and alert-bars, unlimited leads and traffic.

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Leadpages

Standard Plan: $37/month or $25/month (paid annually). 1 site limit. Does not support sales and payments, A/B testing or advanced integrations.

Pro Plan: $79/month or $48/month (paid annually). 3 site limit. Does not support advanced integrations.

Advanced Plan: $321/month or $199/month (paid annually). Up to 50 sites. Full set of features. 

6. ThriveCart

Best Sales Funnel Software - Thrivecart

ThriveCart is my one of the better solutions when it comes to shopping cart software.

The platform is extremely feature-rich and the constant updates it receives make it more and more impressive by the day.

However, it is not an all-in-one sales funnel software. 

You can definitely add upsells, downsells and OTOs to your customer’s order, but ThriveCart still lacks some components that are essential in a working funnel.

For example, you can’t create optin pages with ThriveCart, and overall it is best used when integrated with more robust solutions such as ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect (for page design). 

You can check out my full review of ThriveCart here.

Who Is ThriveCart For?

ThriveCart is suitable for all kinds of businesses. It’s a robust platform that’s incredibly versatile and flexible. Plus, its many integrations make it suitable in almost any scenario. 

Key Features of ThriveCart 

  • Real-time metrics and forecasting
  • High-converting carts and upsells
  • Supports various payment options 
  • Bump offers
  • One-click upsell funnels
  • Popup or embeddable carts
  • Countless integrations
  • Native sales-tax calculation
  • Behavior rules
  • Built-in dunning
  • Affiliate-management system
  • Share checkout page functionality


  • Great interface
  • Great A/B testing feature
  • Very frequently updated
  • In-depth reporting (but easy to understand)
  • Affiliate-management system is very robust
  • Great price
  • Great share page functionality (similar to ClickFunnels share funnels)
  • Very active FB community
  • Great support via email


  • Customization might require a little ‘work’ to get the exact look you need
  • Some integrations a little cumbersome to setup

Plans and Pricing

ThriveCart is currently offering a lifetime deal for its ‘regular plan’ at $495 (normally $95/month or $1950+/year).

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Thrivecart Pricing

However, at checkout, ThriveCart gives you the opportunity to upgrade to their Pro Plan:

Best Sales Funnel Builder - Thrivecart Pricing

The Pro Plan adds various features that are really essential, especially at the low price-point they are offered.

Normally, this plan would cost $1000, but is currently offered at $195.

Here are the extra features you get with the Pro Plan:

  • Powerful Affiliate Center
  • Subscription saver functionality (dunning)
  • Automatic Sales-Tax calculation
  • Intelligent business projections
  • JV Contracts
  • Advanced user management
  • Client usage rights
  • Custom domain-name functionality

Special Offer For My Readers

Readers of my blog can get ThriveCart’s lifetime deal right now ($495 for Standard and $690 for the Pro Plan), before the company switches to its ‘regular’ pricing model.

Adding the “Pro” features to the regular standard plan is a no-brainer and I strongly recommend it (as more exclusive features will be added to Pro over time).

7. SamCart

Best Sales Funnel Software - Samcart

SamCart has been the industry standard shopping cart software for many years.

It has great functionalities such as great A/B testing capabilities, very in-depth reporting and a great affiliate-management platform. 

But it is still mainly a shopping cart platform, so many features an all-in-one sales funnel solution like ClickFunnels and Kartra offer are lacking in SamCart.

It is possible to create funnels in SamCart (and it does have better cart-abandonment features than ClickFunnels), but a ‘proper’ sales funnel software will give you much more room to manoeuvre. 

Who Is SamCart For?

SamCart is a very robust platform that’s well ‘established’, so it’s suitable for most businesses, including e-commerce stores. 

However, all-in-one platforms such as ClickFunnels simply do their job better when it comes to creating funnels.

The ideal scenario might be combining the two together, to get the best of both worlds.

Key Features of SamCart 

  • Bump offers
  • 1-click upsells
  • A/B testing
  • Supports payment plans
  • Various integrations (email service providers, membership site platforms, payment gateways and marketing automation platforms)
  • Supports coupons, trial offers and dunning
  • In-depth reporting dashboard
  • Affiliate-management platform


  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Offers a free SSL certificate
  • Great control over coupons and discounts
  • Great reporting and analytics
  • Great knowledge-base


  • Only supports Stripe and PayPal
  • Customization is somewhat limited
  • No native sales-tax calculation
  • Not great if you are selling services
  • Quite expensive

Plans and Pricing

SamCart offers a 14-day free trial. There are three pricing plans that are billed monthly. 

Tiers differ based on features, but all plans include checkout templates, integrations, payment processing, coupons, checkout popups and a free SSL certificate.

Best Sales Funnel Platform - Samcart Pricing

Launch Plan: $49/month. 1 admin user, only sales reporting, SamCart branding on pages, no affiliate management.

Grow Plan: $99/month. 3 admin users, no affiliate management.

Scale Plan: $199/month. Full set of features, 10 admin users, priority support via email.

Launch Plan: $49/month. 1 admin user, only sales reporting, SamCart branding on pages, no affiliate management.

8. PayKickstart

Best Sales Funnel Software - Paykickstart

When it comes to its sheer number of features, PayKickStart is probably second to none.

At its core, it’s a shopping cart software with a great set of templates, a very solid affiliate management platform and various options for flexibility and customization.

It offers capabilities that are undoubtedly useful when creating a funnel: 1-click upsells, order bumps, exit intent popups and retargeting and tracking pixels. 

However, as is the case with other shopping cart softwares we review in this article, using this solution ‘alone’ will not be enough to create a functioning sales funnel. 

Integrations such as a lead capturing and sales funnel builder (or page builder) are essential, as well as an email service provider.

Who Is PayKickstart For?

If you are a medium-level or advanced marketer who is looking for a highly customizable option, PayKickstart might be the choice for you. 

Not really recommended for beginners due to its fairly steep learning curve and possibly a bit ‘overkill’ when it comes to features. 

Key Features of PayKickstart 

  • Supports various payment gateways and options
  • 50+ checkout page templates
  • Popup and embeddable checkout forms
  • Custom API
  • Supports various payment options
  • 1-click upsells, order bumps, coupons
  • Dunning and cart abandonment management
  • Affiliate management system
  • Automatic sales and VAT tax calculation
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Mobile app
  • Countless integrations (email, webinar, CRM, etc.)


  • Supports more payment processors than its competitors
  • Great templates + great customization options
  • Offers a marketing portal to host email swipes, banners and contests
  • Checkout pages and transactional emails can automatically be translated in 25 languages
  • Live chat support


  • Steep learning curve
  • Dashboard is cumbersome to navigate
  • No A/B testing feature
  • Not an all-in-one solution to create sales funnels: integrations with other tools are essential.

Plans and Pricing

PayKickstart offers a 14-day free trial. There are three pricing plans, billed either monthly or annually (20% discount).

All plans offer zero transaction fees, but there are some limitations in the amount of features you get in the cheaper plan.

Best Sales Funnel Builder - Paykickstart

Basic Plan: $29/month or $22/month (billed annually). Maximum 5 products, no order ‘bumps’, no affiliate management platform.

Professional Plan: $99/month or $77/month (billed annually). Unlimited products. No demographics reporting, no surveys, no “Audience Builder”.

Premium Plan: $149/month or $116/month (billed annually). Unlimited products. Full set of features. 

9. Instapage

Best Sales Funnel Software - Instapage

At its core, InstaPage is a landing page builder much like LeadPages.

However, unlike LeadPages, it has a strong focus on conversions: the page-templates they offer are extremely optimized and based on real use-case pages that have proven to convert.

Plus, InstaPage offers great and very sophisticated A/B testing capabilities.

But what makes it even more interesting is their recently-added “AdMap” feature.

With it, you can create highly targeted “post-click” experiences for your customers. 

The tool helps you ensure that your landing pages are connected to the (Google) ads that drew potential leads to them. 

Who Is InstaPage For?

Instapage is a landing page builder, not a full-blown sales funnel software.

This, as you know by now, comes with its limitations as to what you can actually accomplish with it.

However, it is a great alternative, and its focus on conversions plus new AdMap feature can really be beneficial when it comes to the performance of your funnel pages.

Key Features of Instapage

  • Drag and drop builder 
  • ‘Widgets’ such as CTA buttons, timers, etc.
  • Over 200 conversion-focused templates.
  • Free access to royalty-free images 
  • Form builder
  • Advanced analytics
  • Heatmaps, A/B testing.
  • Collaboration features
  • Google AMP Support
  • AdMap 
  • Various integrations


  • Easy-to-use builder
  • Great and templates
  • In-depth A/B testing
  • In depth conversion goals and analytics
  • Hosted asset delivery 


  • Overall, quite pricey
  • Cheaper plan has significant limitations
  • Lacks features that can turn it into a ‘complete’ funnel builder

Plans and Pricing

InstaPage has two plan, Business and Enterprise.

The Business plan can be paid-for on a monthly or yearly basis (25% discount). However, it has limitations even though it’s priced quite high compared to its closest alternatives.

The price for the full-featured Enterprise Plan is not disclosed.

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Instapage Pricing

Business Plan: $199/month or $149/month (paid annually). Does not include advanced features.

Enterprise: Price upon request. Full set of features.

11. Landingi

Best Sales Funnel Software - Landingi

Landingi is first and foremost a page builder, much like LeadPages or Instapage.

It does its job pretty well: their drag-and-drop editor is a breeze to use, and their templates are some of the best in the game.

As for creating sales funnels, Landingi is probably not the best tool out there.

Even though the company implemented a ‘Funnels’ tool later in 2019, the feature is only limited to follow-up funnels and little else.

More complex funnels can be created, truth be told. But you’ll have to rely on many integrations to perform even the most basic tasks (Landingi does have a built-in autoresponder, but it’s definitely not suited to heavier duty work).

It’s a definitely cheaper than some of its competitors, but then again, it can’t really compete with the likes of Kartra or ClickFunnels.  

Who Is Landingi For?

If you’re looking for solid landing-page builder with pro-looking templates and design, Landingi is a good (and affordable) option.

When it comes to sales funnels, though, it is extremely basic and offers very little options. 

Key Features of Landingi

  • Drag-and-drop landing page editor
  • Over 200 templates to choose from
  • AWS cloud hosting
  • Form creator 
  • Lead exporting
  • Lead notifications
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Various integrations


  • Well-designed and easy-to-use UI
  • Great variety of pro-looking templates 
  • Affordable pricing


  • Advanced features only available in highest plan
  • Limited capabilities when it comes to sales funnels
  • Built-in autoresponder feature is quite basic

Plans And Pricing

Landingi offers a 14-day free trial.

There are three pricing plans, paid for on a monthly or yearly basis (25% discount). 

All plans get unlimited landing pages, but set some limits on the number of visitors/month you can get. Other differences are in the features you are given access to.

In order to use the ‘Funnels’ feature, you’ll have to go with the highest plan (Automate).

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Landingi Pricing

Core Plan: $39/month or $29/month (paid annually). Unlimited landing pages, 5 custom domains, 100k visitors/month, max 10 active popups.

Create Plan: $59/month or $45/month (paid annually). Unlimited landing pages, 10 custom domains, 150k visitors/month, unlimited active popups. Includes email marketing integrations, premium templates and lightboxes

Automate Plan: $79/month or $59/month (paid annually). Unlimited landing pages, 20 custom domains, 200k visitors/month, unlimited popups. Also includes Funnels, advanced integrations, autoresponder and A/B testing.

12. Unbounce

Best Sales Funnel Software - Unbounce

Unbounce was one of the first landing page builders on the market.

It has improved a lot over the years, and many marketers consider it the top option when it comes to page builders.

Its templates look absolutely gorgeous, and it also features a marketplace where you can purchase pre-made pages to fit your needs.

Unbounce is very conversion-focused, and its superior A/B testing features plus in-depth analytics make it very marketing-oriented.

Funnels can technically be built with Unbounce, and the end result from a design point of view will not leave your customers wanting. 

But to create a fully-operational funnel will require a few extra steps compared to what you could get ‘out-of-the-box’ with a proper sales funnel software.

Who Is Unbounce For?

If you’re looking for great-design and professional looking pages, look no further than Unbounce.

It does have a steeper learning curve than some of its competitors, but the end results are superb.

Keep in mind, though, that just like LeadPages or InstaPage, this is not a full-blown sales funnel software.

Its integrations are great, but there will have to be some work on your part to get Unbounce to perform just the way you need it to.

Key Features of Unbounce

  • Conversion-focused templates
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Landing page analyzer
  • “Sticky” bars
  • A/B testing
  • In-depth analytics
  • Countless integrations (in-app or through Zapier)
  • Template marketplace 


  • Great and well-designed templates
  • Excellent analytics
  • Great A/B testing capability
  • Great variety of integrations


  • Quite expensive
  • Steeper learning curve 

Plans and Pricing

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial. There are three pricing plans, each billed monthly or yearly (20% discount).

Each plan differs based on the number of published landing pages and popups you are allowed.

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Unbounce Pricing

Essential Plan: $99/month or $79/month (billed annually). Maximum 75 landing pages and 8 popups

Premium Plan: $199/month or $159/month (billed annually). Maximum 150 landing pages and 16 popups

Enterprise Plan: starting at $499/month or $399/month (billed annually). 375+ landing pages and 40+ popups.

13. Divi

Best Sales Funnel Software - Divi

Divi is often compared to Elementor, and these tools are often considered the best page builders for WordPress.

Their features are very similar, though Divi is probably more user-friendly and easier to master for those just starting out. 

It’s a solid plugin, and it can perform well in various use-cases. 

As with all other page builders, though, it will require a bit more effort (and integrations) to turn its pages into a funnel.

The elements are all there: pages, forms, email and cart integration.

But options like ClickFunnels or Kartra will handle the whole process in a much easier and direct way. 

Who Is Divi For?

Divi’s simplicity makes it very suitable for beginner bloggers and marketers.

It’s UI is easy to use and the end results are great. 

The pricing, too, isn’t too bad, considering you’ll also get a ton of other benefits with your subscription to Elegant Themes.

In terms of funnel building, Divi is certainly a viable option. 

The tool is certainly capable of handling more complex scenarios, but that will almost certainly mean you’ll have to get your hands dirty with code to get everything just right.

Key Features of Divi

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Real-time design and editing
  • Custom CSS control
  • Global elements and styles
  • Over 800 pre-made templates
  • 100+ full-website packs
  • Integrates with most email service providers
  • Various split-testing capabilities
  • Theme builder


  • Great UI
  • Distraction-free option
  • Great A/B testing capabilities
  • Very fast
  • Responsive real-time editing
  • Excellent support 24/7


  • Ease of use could be improved on some features
  • Some integration issues with Gutenberg

Plans and Pricing

Divi can only be purchased as part of an Elegant Themes membership, which also gives you access to other plugins such as Bloom and Monarch.

The membership can be purchased through a yearly fee ($89/year) or by paying for lifetime access ($249/one-time).

There is no significant difference in terms of features.

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Divi Pricing

14. Elementor Pro

Best Sales Funnel Software - Elementor

No list of sales funnel software would be complete without mentioning some of the best WordPress page builder plugins out there.

Elementor is one of them, together with Thrive Architect and Divi.

Its popularity has grown a lot in recent years and for good reason: it’s got great design, an easy to use interface and very professional looking elements.

It can also boast some features other page-builders still lack, such as global widgets and the ability to embed Elementor-designed elements on any site.

When it comes to funnels, however, Elementor is maybe a less viable option.

The pages it builds are great, and so are its integrations, but marketing features are still not quite there yet.

Who Is Elementor Pro For?

Many consider Elementor to be the best page builder out there. 

It’s definitely a great option if you’re looking to build professional-looking pages (and themes), and if you are going to use its features over and over in time.

It is of course possible to build funnels with it, too. But Elementor is a little lacking when it comes to marketing features, so a full-blown sales funnel software might be a better choice.

Key Features of Elementor Pro

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • 300+ designer-made templates
  • Popup builder
  • Theme builder
  • Global widgets and custom CSS
  • “Embed anywhere” feature
  • Various in-app integrations
  • Maintenance mode


  • Great page templates
  • Great content-modules to choose from
  • Fully responsive 
  • Mobile preview feature
  • Inline text editing 
  • Designs can be embedded anywhere through shortcodes
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Ease of use could be improved
  • Use of templates (global vs. static) can be confusing
  • A little ‘thin’ in the marketing department

Plans and Pricing

The pricing structure for Elementor Pro is very simple. 

The core plugin is 100% free, but it has extremely limited features. I don’t recommend it. 

I suggest you go for the Pro option instead.

There are three pricing plans, each billed on a yearly basis.

All plans come with the full set of features, and the main difference between them is the number of sites on which you can use the plugin. 

Best Sales Funnel Builder - Elementor Pro Pricing

Personal Plan: $49/year. 1 site licence

Plus Plan: $99/year. 3-site licence

Expert Plan: $199/year. Up to 1,000 sites licence.

15. GetResponse Autofunnel

Best Sales Funnel Software - Getresponse Autofunnel

GetResponse is one of the oldest-standing email marketing tools out there.

However, it has come a very long way since the company was founded in the early 2000s. 

Today, it is a suite of tools which include email marketing, of course, but also marketing automations features, a webinar platform, a landing page builder and much more. 

It’s strongpoint is a newly-implemented tool called Autofunnel, which offers a great set of features (see below). 

It’s an “automated sales funnel generator”: it can build your landing pages, automate your emails, sell your products, recover abandoned orders, and convert leads.

What’s even more interesting is that it seamlessly integrates with GetResponse’s email marketing software, but also with ad platforms and social media channels. 

Who Is GetResponse Autofunnel For?

If you are looking for a great ‘visual’ funnel builder with a ton of added benefits, Autofunnel is definitely for you.

It’s suited to all kinds of businesses, and even though there are some limitations in some of their pricing plans, you can get up and running pretty easily (and cheaply).

Improvements still need to be made, but the software is already becoming the go-to solution for many marketers.

Key Features of GetResponse Autofunnel 

  • Creates sales funnels, lead funnels and webinar funnels
  • Professionally designed and conversion-optimised funnel templates
  • Templates include copy crafted by experts in various niches
  • Built-in Facebook Ads creator
  • Web-forms and exit-intent popups creator
  • Online store creator
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Automatic cart abandonment sequences
  • Payment processing 
  • One-click upsells


  • Great ‘guided’ and easy-to-use solution
  • Integration with GetResponse’s email marketing platform is great.
  • Very fast-loading pages
  • Great reporting
  • Great split-testing features


  • Still ‘young’ and needs some improvements
  • Some limits to the number of funnels you can create depending on pricing plan
  • Email deliverability score not great.

Plans and Pricing

GetResponse has a 30-day free trial. 

After that, you can be billed monthly, every 12 months (-18% discount), or every 24 months (-30% discount). 

Plans vary on list-size. There are limitations on the number and type of funnels you can create in the first two pricing tiers.

Here’s a breakdown of their plans for a 1k-subscriber list:

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Getresponse Pricing

Basic Plan: $15/month. All email marketing features included, but limited to 1 sales funnel.

Plus Plan: $49/month. Also includes Automation Builder (max 5 workflows). Unlimited lead funnels and up to 5 sales funnels and 5 webinar funnels.

Professional Plan: $99/month. Unlimited Automation Builder, webinar platform and unlimited funnels

Enterprise Plan: $1,199/month. This is only for those who have list-sizes exceeding 100k subscribers. Unlimited Automation Builder, webinar platform and unlimited funnels.

16. Convertri

Best Sales Funnel Builder - Convertri

Convertri is a sales funnel software that prides itself on being the ‘world’s fastest funnel builder’. 

Loading speed is definitely one of Convertri’s strong points. But that’s not all.

All the features you’d want and need in a sales funnel platform are there: a (fairly) intuitive editor, the ability to create forms, popups, sticky headers, etc.

It integrates with various email service providers and even has an in-built shopping cart.

A wide variety of templates (and the ability to import/export them) sweetens the deal, all at a very affordable price compared to its more ‘famous’ alternatives.

Convertri, however, is still a little ‘simplistic’ and lacks some more advanced and complex features you might need if you are a pro marketer.  

Who Is Convertri For? 

Convertri is a good option for solopreneurs or small businesses that are just starting out. 

It’s not the most intuitive tool out there, but you can create a decent funnel with it pretty easily. 

Plus, it’s very budget-friendly.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t really recommended if you’re looking to build something more complex. ClickFunnels and Kartra are better options for that purpose. 

Key Features of Convertri Sales Funnel Builder

  • Funnel ‘planner’
  • Form editor
  • Share and import funnels 
  • Conversion stats to identify funnel weak spots
  • Page editor (with custom CSS capability)
  • Automatic ‘conversion’ for mobile
  • Popups, sticky headers
  • Wide variety of triggers
  • Built-in shopping cart
  • In-depth analytics


  • Very fast loading pages
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ability to share funnels with other users
  • Free SSL included
  • Updated on a regular basis


  • Not very intuitive
  • Lower-priced plans have limits on the number of funnels and pages.
  • Doesn’t support affiliate platform

Plans and Pricing

Convertri offers a 14-day free trial. It offers 3 plans that are paid annually (but you can request monthly and 2-year plans).

There are some limitations in the first two tiers as to the features you get. The highest plan includes all functionalities.

Best Sales Funnel Software - Convertri Pricing

Standard Plan: $53/month (paid annually). Max 25,000 impressions/month, 25 funnels, 500 pages. No video hosting or auto-webinars.

Pro Plan: $58/month (paid annually). Max 100,000 impressions/month, 250 funnels, 2,500 pages. No auto-webinars.

Agency Plan: $166/month (paid annually). Max 400,000 impressions/month, 1,000 funnels, 10,000 pages. Full set of features. 

17. Kajabi

Best Sales Funnel Software - Kajabi

Kajabi is best known for being a hosted online course platform much like Teachable and Thinkific. 

Unlike them, though, Kajabi puts a lot of focus on marketing and automation tools, which makes it quite unique and very close to an all-in-one sales funnel software.

Their integrated email marketing platform and sales pipeline builder can really take promoting a course to the next level: your entire course funnel can be created and managed inside Kajabi, something another tool might need a lot of integrations to perform.

All of Kajabi’s features, however, do come at a price. But considering all the capabilities it has and its overall flexibility, it could still be worth it to you (depending on what you’re looking for).

Who Is Kajabi For?

At its core, Kajabi is essentially meant to be an online course platform.

It has great potential when it comes to funnel-creation, but it’s best used if you want to create a funnel that leads to selling a course.

Key Features of Kajabi

  • Self-hosted
  • Fully customizable sales pages and landing pages
  • Offers one-click upsells and customisable checkout pages.
  • Includes website builder
  • Powerful automation features and sales pipeline builder
  • Integrates an email marketing platform
  • Integrates with PayPal and Stripe
  • In-depth analytics
  • Offers a mobile app


  • Integrates many features all in one
  • Great customization options
  • Automation features are great
  • Great marketing capabilities
  • Excellent customer support


  • A little more ‘technical’ compared to similar solutions (integrations aren’t so easy to implement).
  • Doesn’t handle sales taxes
  • Price is quite steep

Plans and Pricing

Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial. There are 3 plans to choose from, which can be paid-for on a monthly or annual basis (20% discount). 

Plans differ quite a bit from one another, mainly when it comes to the number of products you can create, the maximum number of sales pipelines you are allowed and the total amount of contacts and members you can have.

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Kajabi Pricing

Basic Plan: $149/month or $119/month (billed annually). Limits: 3 products, 3 pipelines, 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active members

Growth Plan: $199/month or $159/month (billed annually). Limits: 15 products, 15 pipelines, 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active users

Pro Plan: $399/month or $319/month (billed annually). Limits. 100 products, 100 pipelines, 100,000 contacts and 20,000 active members.

18. Wishpond

Best Sales Funnel Software - Wishpond

Wishpond is a marketing platform that allows you to create landing pages, popups and much more.

It integrates well with most email service providers and offers a good email automation ‘engine’, with features such as segmentation and A/B testing. 

The pre-made templates are well built and can suit pretty much any niche. 

However, it’s far from being an all-in-one sales funnel software: it lacks any visual builder and creating a working funnel will require some pretty extensive work on your part.

Who Is Wishpond For?

Wishpond is a good marketing platform with some interesting and unique features.

It’s price is ok for those just starting out, but a little steep for those who need to import a larger list of leads.

In terms of sales funnel creation, it allows you to create all the moving parts in a funnel, but lacks the ability to show you everything as a whole (no visual funnel builder).

Key Features of Wishpond

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics and ROI Tracking 
  • Customizable CTA buttons 
  • Website tracker 
  • Webform builder  
  • Landing page builder
  • Drip email campaign tool 
  • Lead scoring 
  • Segmentation tools 


  • Great templates for landing pages, popups and contest pages 
  • Good lead-categorization and segmentation feature
  • Great integrations
  • Solid email automations 
  • Good A/B Testing 


  • No visual funnel builder
  • UI isn’t very intuitive
  • Quite significant limits for cheaper plans (number of leads).

Plans And Pricing

Wishpond offers a 14-day free trial.

There are three pricing plans, each billed on a yearly basis. 

All plans include a pretty comprehensive set of features (see breakdown below).

The main difference is in the number of leads you are allowed. 

Pricing for the higher ‘Rapid Growth’ plan changes based on the size of your list. In the example below, we have selected 10,000 leads. 

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Wishpond Pricing

Starting Out Plan: $49/month (billed annually). Max 1,000 leads. Unlimited landing pages, social contests and popups.

Everything You Need Plan: $99/month (billed annually). Max 2,500 leads. All features in the previous plan, plus A/B testing, custom Javascript and API access. 

Rapid Growth Plan: $199/month (for 10,000 leads – price varies accordingly, billed annually). All features in the previous plan, plus priority customer support and implementation coaching.

19. CartFlows

Best Wordpress Sales Funnel Builder - Cartflows

CartFlows is WordPress plugin that is mainly used by e-commerce store owners as a complement to other software such as WooCommerce.

Truth be told, CartFlows has a strong focus on sales funnels, but it still really can’t be compared to all-in-one solutions such as ClickFunnels.

Its marketing and automation features are solid, but the tool’s main focus is to design and maximise the customer’s checkout experience. 

This means you will still need to integrate it with other platforms if you want to create a proper sales funnel in all its various components. 

Plus, it’s more suited to the e-commerce industry and probably not the best if you only plan on selling digital products (though it can handle that as well).

Who Is CartFlows For?

CartFlows is a shopping cart in its essence. It has various features that can come in handy when creating a sales funnel, but I still would not recommend it as an all-in-one solution. 

It’s definitely more geared towards e-commerce store owners, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

Key Features of CartFlows

  • Funnel builder
  • Ready made templates that work with all page builders
  • Conversion-focused checkout forms
  • One-click order bumps
  • Unlimited upsells / downsells
  • Cart abandonment automations
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Dynamic linking
  • Checkout custom fields


  • Easy to use
  • ‘All-in-one’ solution: funnel builder + shopping cart software
  • Works seamlessly with all page-builders
  • Great flexibility as it’s built on WordPress


  • Can’t share funnels outside of your own website
  • Very limited split-testing features

Plans and Pricing

CartFlows only offers one plan. It’s currently discounted at $299/year. The plan includes the full set of features. 

Best Sales Funnel Builders - Cartflows Pricing

What Is A Sales Funnel Software?

A sales funnel software is a tool (or, more often, a suite of tools) that helps you create and manage a functioning funnel.

The main job of the platform is to build all the moving parts that ultimately go into building your funnel: landing pages, signup forms, checkout pages, email autoresponders, etc. 

All of these tasks can be done with various pieces of software, but an all-in-one sales funnel platform will take care of all the work for you.

Plus – and this is really important – the sales funnel tool will allow you to fully automate your funnel, so that leads are converted into customers on an ongoing basis, without you having to take care of each single step every time. 

What To Look For In A Sales Funnel Builder?

Sales funnel builders come in all sorts of ‘flavors’.

You have ‘all-in-one’ solutions, WordPress plugins, and the list goes on.

That, as we’ll see below, makes deciding on the best funnel builder even harder.

Even though you’ll find my top recommendations in this guide, I simply can’t tell you what is going to be right for you and your business specifically.

What I can do, though, is give you a few handy pointers.

Namely: what should you look for in a good sales funnel builder?

Here are some features to consider:

1. Is the tool beginner-friendly and easy to use?

If you’ve never done so before, building a sales funnel for the first time can be a pretty daunting experience. 

And even if you’re a more experienced marketer, you definitely don’t want to spend your days fighting with code, integrations that don’t work and countless glitches.

Ease-of-use and ‘out-of-the-box’ readiness should be one of your priorities.

2. Does it have good integrations?

Some tools like ClickFunnels or Kartra are very ‘complete’ and can basically handle all the steps in creating your funnel under the same roof.

Other tools, though, need a little helping hand from third-party softwares to be fully functional.

Plus, you might already be using specific apps you’d like to integrate with your sales funnel builder.

Check integrations carefully and if possible, test everything before you buy!

3. Does it have pre-made templates/complete funnels?

Some of the best funnel softwares out there come with a wide variety of page templates.

What’s even more interesting, these templates are usually ‘proven’ examples of pages that convert and are tried and tested ‘winners’. 

The best tools even take this a step further and offer complete done-for-you funnels where all you need to do is fill-in the blanks.

This might be a game-changer if you’re just starting out, and can really cut your learning curve, saving you time and trial and error.

4. How good is support?

Support channels are always key when software is concerned.

But with sales funnel builders, even more so.

There’s so much going on in a funnel, so many pages, so many integrations, so much going on ‘behind the scenes’, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to mess with the software’s code or sift through pages upon pages of tutorials to get a problem fixed.

Aim for companies that offer live chat or even phone support!

5. Is it secure? Do you own your content?

This might sound obvious in 2022, but security needs to be a priority when picking your funnel builder of choice.

You’ll be taking payments and handling ‘sensitive information’, so do your homework and make sure the company you choose offers top-level security and protection.

Lastly, check the small print before you upload your content to the platform.

What happens if the site goes down? Do you lose your funnel/pages? Are they backed up? Do you ultimately own the content?

I’ve heard horror stories in this realm, so trust me on this. Always double-check.

Benefits Of Sales Funnel Software Programs

If used in the right way, sales funnel softwares can really revolutionize your business.

We’ve already touched upon how powerful funnels really are for selling products online. 

But the platforms that allow you to create those funnels are equally as important. 

Why? Here are some of the benefits of sales funnel programs:

1. All-in-one tools (that will save you time and money)

The best sales funnel software platforms out there are all-in-one suites that combine different tools that perform different tasks. 

The fact you’re able to control such a wide variety of functionalities under one roof makes your life so much easier in terms of both time and money.

Just think about it: without a tool like GrooveFunnels for example, you’d need to have a landing page builder, an autoresponder, a shopping cart, and the list goes on. 

But what’s even worse, you’d have to pay for all these apps and have countless headaches trying to make them all work together seamlessly.

2. Automate and scale

Funnels are the very definition of automation. It’s what makes them so essential in your business. 

And automations are the backbone of sales funnel software. 

Let me give you an example.

With the right software, you’ll be able to map out and run an automated webinar funnel 24/7, that brings in sales of your product on autopilot.

Without you having to constantly periodically run the meeting live. 

Funnels are also the basis for scaling your business. 

Once you’ve used the software to create and optimize a funnel that is proven to convert, driving more traffic to it, having affiliates promote it and many other options will double, triple or quadruple the revenue you’d get from your products.

The possibilities are endless.

3. Insights and metrics

Sales funnel software generally have very good analytics.

This gives you access to invaluable insights into your customers’ behaviour.

Having access to such data will not only help you in working towards improving your funnel and making it even better. 

It will also be an incredible source of information you’ll have at hand when deciding what product (and funnel) to create next. 

4. Better customer experience

Through pro-looking templates, easy-to-use (and secure) checkout forms and much more, sales funnel builders make your customer’s buying experience enjoyable, which leads to them trusting you and your brand even more.

Funnel platforms also take care of ‘little things’ such as follow-up emails, cart-abandonment notifications, etc., which are pieces of the puzzle that generally convey a good ‘feeling’ about your business. 

All of which leads to more sales!

5. More sales!

All of the points above can be summarized in this final benefit: sales funnel builders help you get more sales.

Automations, scaling, data, customer experience are all moving parts that your funnel platform can manage and connect together in a way that maximises your chances of converting your leads into customers.

Funnels (and sales funnel software) really are the backbone of successful online businesses.  

How To Choose The Best Sales Funnel Software Tool For Your Business

This is undoubtedly one of the toughest questions to answer. 

You see: there are so many options available these days, the possibilities are endless.

But most of all, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ sales funnel software.

What you need is something that fits your business and your specific needs. 

Take a good look at the reviews above, evaluate each software’s features and costs – but also each tool’s pros and cons.

Once you have done that, here’s a simple process you can follow that will hopefully help you make a better-informed decision:

1. “Audit” your business

Take a good look at where you’re at with your business. 

Are you only  just starting out?

If you’re in the beginning stages of your online business, chances are you’ll need quite simple functionalities, and the funnels you’ll be creating won’t require a huge degree of complexity.

On the other hand, if you’ve been in business for quite some time, it might be beneficial for you to start implementing more advanced automations and processes, so a more solid tool could be what you’re looking for.

2. Assess Your Budget

Generally, sales funnel software aren’t cheap. You pay for the wide variety of features you get.

But sometimes, more expensive doesn’t always equal better. 

Do the work when calculating your budget and see if it’s worth it for you to invest in a more costly tool, or if you’d better go with a cheaper option. 

Keep in mind that this is an investment, and you’re likely to recoup the cost of your tool of choice with only a few sales resulting from your funnel (s).

3. Use Free Trials

Most sales funnel platforms offer free trials. This is a very powerful feature.

By testing a tool for free, you’ll be able to get a better picture of the overall ease-of-use, variety of features and if the software actually is what you’re looking for.

4. Examine integrations

Very few sales funnel software are truly ‘all-in-one’ platforms.

Chances are, you’ll want them to work with that email service provider you’ve been using for years. Or, the tool you choose might need to be integrated with a shopping cart software.

Pay attention to what integrations the funnel platform offers and see if they align with your current tool-stack. 

5. Decide!

I’m a big proponent of taking action, rather than spending too much time analyzing and evaluating.

Pick the sales funnel software you think best fits your business and go with it.

Take it for a spin, use it ‘in real life’ for a while and see what it’s capable of. 

If you’re unhappy with it, you can always switch to another platform. 

Sales Funnel Software FAQ

Funnel building isn’t easy. I get that.

And I’m sure there’s all kinds of questions running through your mind right now.

There’s a lot to learn, and the information you get on many blogs is often contradicting.

That’s why I’ve put together a short list of FAQs for you, so that you can find the information you need all in one place and ultimately decide on the sales funnel builders and software that best suits your business.

A funnel building software is a tool that helps you create various ‘steps’ in a customer’s buying journey, such as pages, lead-capture forms, emails, checkout forms, etc.

These ‘all-in-one’ tools are able to connect all of these parts together and to automate the way they interact with each other, offering the end customer a seamless transition between being ‘interested’ into becoming a paying customer.  

In my experience, the best sales funnel software I’ve personally used for many years is ClickFunnels.

It has a little bit of a learning curve (although it’s very easy to use once you get a hang of it) and its price-point isn’t the cheapest out there, but overall the tool is probably one of the best investments you’ll make in your business.

I’m a paying user of ClickFunnels, Kartra, and, and Thrive Suite.

Due to the number of features they offer, most sales funnel software aren’t really cheap. 

And that’s quite understandable, if you think that an all-in-one solution might be costly, but will probably save you money in the long run.

The best “cheap” sales funnel builder is currently as they offer a lifetime deal to get access to all the tools they will come out with. They even offer a completely free plan, but with quite some limitations.

The second cheapest option has to be GetResponse, which starts at $15/month – but again, beware of the limitations you get with this plan.

Lastly, don’t forget that most sales funnel software come with 14 or 30-day free trials, which are a great way to test the tools and see if they’re right for you, especially if you’re on a budget.

The very first funnels you create will probably be pretty simple, with three or four steps in your customer’s journey.

I’ve tried and tested many sales funnel software over the years.

In the beginning, I had to implement pretty simple processes and automations, and some tools did the job just right.

But as my online lifestyle business grew, I began looking for more solid options that could cater for both ‘plug-and-play’ scenarios and more advanced funnels.

As of today, my top pick when it comes to funnel builders has to be ClickFunnels, with Kartra coming close in second place. 

This is for both beginners and pros, since the two platforms work great even if you have no particular tech skills or have never created/implemented a funnel before. 

With that being said, an interesting up and comer is, which is used by many marketers as their go-to funnel builder, and is quickly becoming one of the top players in the industry.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Sales Funnel Builder To Use In 2022?

There you have it! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this in-depth guide, but most of all I hope the information has helped you make a decision on the best sales funnel builder for you and your business.

Once again, as you surely know by now, my two top recommendations are ClickFunnels and Kartra (I’m a paying user of of both, so you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to see which sales funnel tool you prefer).

There are some downsides to all of these platforms, no doubt. But they’re still the best and most complete tools out there when it comes to sales funnel software.

If you prefer using WordPress, Thrive Architect is my go-to recommendation (which is what I use for my virtual summits and the pages on this site). Just keep in mind that you’ll need to combine it with with other tools to get a fully functioning sales funnel.

An up and comer that I think will be able to really compete with ClickFunnels and Kartra (and maybe even become better) is Mike Filsaime’s new all-in-one sales funnel platform called

But now, over to you!

Have you tried any of these sales funnel tools? What were your experiences? Anything I forgot to mention that I should include in the list!

I look forward to reading your suggestions in the comments below!

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